An odd question but how far are we running on Week 8?

So, I realized today that I have no idea what my pace is. I have no clue how fast I am running so I don't know how to increase my pace for time later. But the biggest problem is, I have no idea how FAR I am running, just that I am running for 28 minutes on a path in a park. Can anyone possibly tell me if there is a way to calculate how far I run during that time?

It may sound quite silly, and/or stupid, but I honestly have no way of knowing because my judgement of distance is horrid and I don't see any markers where I run.


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  • I found my answer online after a bit of digging. Thought I would share this with everyone because, I thought it was really cool. Turns out (looking at my route) I ran 2.8691 miles so almost a 5K! It's easy to use and has both metric and english measurements.

  • I use this too - it's fab and so easy.

  • I use this as well and probably prefer it.

  • I use runkeeper app while I'm running, it tells me my pace but also distance.

  • Very useful link, Michael and congratulations on almost reaching the 5k goal and run keeper is also a great source.

  • I use runkeeper... but didn't until after I had graduated and I am glad I didn't. The object of the exercise is to run for 30 minutes and we do see so many people fretting about things other than just completing the run... and getting disheartened.

  • I should just add that I do find it very helpful now. When I was working up to 5k and it was a matter of plotting a route in advance, having the Runkeeper woman telling me the distance regularly would have been good.

  • I would say the object of c25k is, as the title suggests, aiming to run 5k by the end of week 9 but if people prefer to concentrate on a goal of running for 30 minutes then that's fine too.

  • Are you doing the NHS version with Laura StQ podcasts? She's quite clear that its 30 minutes that's the goal. There are indeed many other versions of C25K and many other ways into running. But this forum is about the NHS version (should perhaps be made clearer?)

  • Yes, NHS c25k. Introduction taken from the programe information: 'The Couch to 5K plan is designed to get you off the couch and gradually work you up to running 5K or for half an hour, in just nine weeks'.

    So the primary aim is to get people running 5k by the end of week 9 or, if that's not possible, running for 30 minutes. Whichever suits the individual.

    After all, its called 'couch to 5k', not 'couch to 30 minutes'.

  • I'd say the name is more a marketing thing. The programme (and target) are time-based. You can't graduate without running for 30mins, but there's no requirement to run 5k. Couch-to-30mins would have been a more accurate, but less attractive, name.

    I use MapMyWalk for route planning and recording. It's got a lot of nice features.

  • Marketing thing or not, the program is called couch 2 5k and not couch 2 30 minutes.

  • I keep trying to explain to people that when they ask how far I run. Personally, I'm more concerned with finishing the run than how far I've run in that time but then I became curious myself. I just got tired of people at work asking how far I ran.

  • Sadly I don't have a smartphone so I can't use apps like this. I wish I did though. I had just been curious because I was wondering what my pace was and I generally get asked by people "How far do you run?" and I had no reply other than, "Well, I run for 28 minutes at this point." Usually that answer is enough for them but I became curious about how fast I was running and how far.

    The one cool thing was that in finding this I saw just how much further on my own pathways I would have to run to complete a 5K run.

  • Before c25k I used to use a pedometer when out walking It counts your steps but you can also see distance you've done I would think it would work when running too but never tried it Not too expensive

  • I find goodrunguide the best site - really quick and easy!

  • Becca 66, tried this because of your comment and your right, I love it

  • That does look like a really cool site. Unfortunately I'm in the US but I did find another site that covers just about anywhere.

    I was able to map out my exact run route on the pathways in the park I run. Best to me is that you are able to switch to metric if you want :)

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