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Post graduation how far are you all running?

Hi all I just wondered how far you are running on your runs. I'm finding 3 5k runs a week a bit much. I seem to be slowing down too!!

I do have to take my little one in the pushchair and on those runs I'm really struggling to manage 5k.

Yesterday I did my slowest 5k yet, having said that I did have the pushchair, roadworks, quite strong wind and a hill to deal with ;-) - 37 minutes :-/ I can usually manage 32 minutes.

So should I aim for only one or two longer runs and a shorter one? What's everyone else doing? I did only graduate beg of October...so by no means expert!!

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if you are pushing a pushchair then you are probably doing the equivalent of 5 miles not 5K!

After graduating I did a few weeks of the post grad podcasts, and Speed is only 20 minutes. but lately I like running at my own pace, and for the last few weeks I have been doing 3-ish runs a week - a "fast" 5K (sometimes I listen to Speed podcast for the 1st half) a 4-5 mile run (sometimes starting with Stamina) and then a long run at the weekend (usually listening to a concert).

So far my longest distance is 9 miles, which I have built up to since September.

As for speeds my pace is just under 10 mins/mile on a fast run, around 10:20 mins/mile on a medium distance and around 11.20 mins/mile on a long run.

The key thing I find is pace, if I run "fast" I struggle to make 5K, but if I run at my natural pace I seem to just eat up the miles, but both speed and distance are gradually increasing, and most of it is down to for as when I concentrate on running "tall" and getting my knees up I go faster for not much increase in effort.



Thanks for that, I think I will try and stick with the 3 5k's but try and only take the pushchair on one or two of them. I think I need to try and just relax and enjoy the runs!


hi Jo. running with a buggy. wow, you are dedicated. that must be really hard work.

like mattaitch, my longest run is now 9miles but I am in training for a half marathon :)

before training for this I was happy doing 2 or 3 5k runs or 30mins as this was enough for me. sometimes I would try & run longer but we moved house in may & not running for a few weeks really put me back & I have had to build back up to 30mins, then on to 5k.

dont worry about speed, just make sure you are still enjoying it. my 5k is just under 34mins & thats fast for me, without a buggy & baby, so you are already doing fantastic.

have fun. shelley x


Thanks for that, wow 9 miles - that seems impossible to me at the moment! Well done to you. When is the half marathon?


Hi there I have just graduated (still getting used to my badge ??) and I'm hoping to keep at 3 runs a week but I'll be happy keeping up at 2. I'm slightly worried about my distance as according to Mapmyrun I've covering 5k in the 30mins but having done the same route, this morning using the stepping stones podcast people say its slow and they're covering less distance do I'm really confused.

Well done on running with the pushchair, how olds your little one? My daughters 3 and the idea of pushing her whilst running would be extremely hard. Well done


My daughter is 16 months so not too heavy at the moment. Taking her on at least a couple of the runs is the only way that I can fit them in. I have two other children too but they are 11 and 8 and even on bikes they are reluctant to come on my runs. Currently the smallest one has no choice ;-)


Defintely sounds like harder work pushing a buggy, probably gives a good upper body workout too. The furthest I've ever run is 9km, but that was pusing myself a bit harder than I should have and I ended up with calf trouble which kept me away from running for a while. I've eased back in slowly back to 5km and did a couple of 7km runs this week which felt just right for me. It's trial and error, my temptation is to push further but as I've learned it's not always to best way to progress.


I guess it depends what your goals are.

I'm happy if I get out 3 x a week (it does sometimes slip to 2) and bash out 30 minutes, or a C25K+ or Audiofuel session. Intervals seem to be the key to weight loss which is one of my goals. I do need to do 5k from time to time though just so I don't lose the confidence that I can (takes me 50-60 minutes) - I'm definitely due another. But no, I definitely don't feel any sense of 'obligation' to run 5k every time.


5.5 miles is my furthest, but to be honest, I have been slacking rather badly since graduation. One run a week is sort of average, 2 is good and there have been quite a few run-free weeks I have to admit... Still, at least I haven't fully fallen off the wagon apart from a month off just after graduating- just wobbling dangerously on the edge! If only it got colder, I could wear some of my new gear, that would be a good motivation to go out more, but not if it means sweating buckets!


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