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Week 4 Day 2 - Done, Done and Done =D

After a disappointing start to week 4 (managed it all apart from the last minute) I was determined to push through day 2 and somehow I did it!!!

The wind and rain was harsh and my calves were burning but I just kept thinking of the advice and kind words I was given on here and how all of you are pushing through the weeks and getting those graduate badges. These thoughts and focusing on my breathing seemed to make the minutes fly by. Trace and I also took a different route this time and I think that helped too :)

I really am chuffed and I'd like to say thanks to all the motivation and advice I got from you guys on my last post - It really helped :)

Oh and as an extra little well done to me, I've brought myself a new jacket for the cold, rainy weather we're having atm:


Now, I think the price is a bit steep for a jacket but it really is excellent against wind and rain...it's not just an excuse to spend money I haven't got :P

Here's to a successful day 3 tomorrow!

:) :) :)

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Yay...I knew it! Well done!! No i-pod mishaps this time?! haha. I did the same run tonight...very tiring!

Oh and, I WANT your new jacket!!! :)


Thanks fastdixie :) Well done to you too!!

Nope, no ipod troubles this time round. Making use of that lock button :D

Hehe :) As soon as I saw it I thought - mine!!

Did you find when you were running the 5 minutes you were running dead slow? I did, I was jogging but not getting anywhere fast lol :)


Rosey21...my 5 minute runs are painfully slow! haha...I think I will just ignore my speed for now though and just concentrate on not collapsing..! Still baffles me how I'm running 5 minute stretches when only a few weeks ago a mere 60 seconds felt like torture! I'm not allowing myself to think about next week...I will just trust in the 'magic'! :D :D


Well done I too am on W4 R4 and feel really proud of myself I think we are incredible amazing women keep on running well. done


You're not wrong, we are amazing :) Hehe

Well done to you too!! Keep up the good work, we're halfway ;D


Yay, Yay, Yay!! Well done!

I had exactly the same feeling on my W4R2 last night, but somehow Laura just managed to pull me through.

I'm in total agreement with you that I love how we all support each other through to good and bad runs on here. I don't think I would have been able to get this far on any other program without the blog

Nice jacket btw ;-)


The support really does help! It's nice to talk to people on the same week and knowing that I'm not the only snail is also nice lol :D

Keep it up! And keep us posted :)


Can I join the week 4 club! I have just done run 2 and my calves were also killing me. Also I ran sooooo slowly, think I maybe could have walked faster. We are so getting there!


Woo!! Well done, just 1 run left for you this week :) As long as we're jogging for the full time, that's all that matters eh :) We're halfway baby and doing well!! :D


Oooh ps loving the jacket and funnily enough have been looking for one myself. I just dont want the rain to stop me doing my running x


It's lovely isn't it :) I think you feel better when you run in stuff you like and now I have no excuse not to run whatever the weather :) x


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