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Run 2 of week 9

Yep, you guessed it. All done now, just shy of the 5k mark tonight but I was more concerned with just finishing the 30 mins. Been having a problem with my lower back and left leg all day, and it took a while to shake it off during the run. I was only short by a few hundred meters but I am happy enough with the time today.

Even went with just running shorts, socks, shirt and jacket as I didn't think it was really that cold tonight and I just beat the rain as I got through the door.

Also another first, I changed my route slightly for the first time in eight weeks. Mainly to break up the boredom but also I am so used to hitting landmarks at a set time, felt like I needed to shake it up a little.

In all, a good run and just what I needed after a few comments thrown at me today. My mood is once again lifted.

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Well done! Wow, just one run to go!!


Well done, only 1 more to go.... keep it up :-)


Nearly there Kurama! Better get your graduation speech prepared....


That is excellent news indeed. Many of us have travelled your path and we are still here to tell the more run and you can claim your badge....I am so pleased for you.

The actual distance you run isn't important, but it looks like you will be one of the 'few' who have managed to do the 5k in 30 mins. Many, many Parkrunners who run every week don't do the 5k in that time.

Keep going, keep strong, keep safe and keep us posted.


changing the route really helps mentally, and that sounds like a great run...good distance too. And I'm sorry about the comments you had today, work related? Running realy helps with that, I get that :)


Hey ya'll. Comments where an off hand comment about my running and weight basically. From someone who does not run or exercise at all for that matter. It annoyed me but I just left it to be honest. I am doing good and almost finished the program. I also have a few goals mapped out for after like going for 10k.

Tomorrow is the big day. No different from any other rumble.

I'll face it and again I will beat it.


You are so close now Kurama, good for you in not letting the comments get you down.

You will have the last laugh .....

All the very best to you for your Graduation run, keep going , youre doing great :-) xxx


Fantastic - really close now good luck with the final graduation run. The distance will come it's the 30 mins run that matters


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