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Week 7 day 2, flying!

What a difference a day makes. Last time I tried running it was more like skating or skiing, today I was buffeted and battered by the wind. It was an uphill struggle quite literally as I was running uphill into a head wind but no ice in sight.

It is a lovely morning, warm enough not to need a jacket but with the wind to keep one cool.

My little running companion was skipping alongside me like a spring lamb. The wind excites him. Perhaps it's all the wonderful scents that it brings. We ventured past the turkey and goose farm, sadly quiet at this time of the year, which pleased my little dog as he was not happy with the sounds they make.

A good run, mainly because it was outside and I needed that fresh air badly.

I hope you have a good run to finish the year and I look forward to joining you in the new year. I had hoped to have graduated but all it means is that I have three graduations to look forward to next year.

Thank you to those who have been kind enough to support and encourage me. You have made a difference. Thanks to all those who have made the journey before me. It is your footsteps that helped me to realise that I too could do it

Happy New Year and very happy running :)

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Well done, you’re getting there...slow and steady. Keep it up, 7 more runs and the podium awaits 😀

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Wow, just seven runs....I've also signed up for the walk 1000 miles in 2018 so hoping to combine the two, walking and running, to smash the target :)

How is your running, Ted? Any plans for the new year?


Walk a thousand 1000mls...that’s an average of 20mls a week, good exercise on your Running rest days I’d have thought...good on you 😊

I’ve signed up to do a 10K Parkrun on Jan 21st....did 8k on Thurs so well on track for that 😊

Then it’s the Reading HM on March 18th. If I keep to my training plan injury free, I should be OK for it 🤞

I’m also contemplating the London Moon Walk in May...that’s a Marathon distance walking wearing a bra 😂🤣

Good luck with the rest of your programme, look forward to seeing you on the podium 🤗

Happy New Year 🥂🎉

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Wow, Ted, that's an impressive programme. Masses of luck with all of that and I wish an injury free year for you. Off to bake, shop, housework and dissertation write ;)

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Sounds like a good blast that does! 😃👍. Great to be out int it. It is challenging at times but we can take advantage of windows in the weather. Our dogs have to go out anyway so killing two birds with one stone is a good plan.

The dog I walk loves windy weather because of the scents it releases. It’s like his sap is ris 😁. He goes slightly mental 😃

I am running in a bit, once my porridge gas gone down 🙂

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I hope you enjoyed your run :)

Happy New Year :)


"My little running companion was skipping alongside me like a spring lamb"

Yeah, me too. Youngest daughter's boyfriend wanted to run with me. Foxed him the other day by getting up early but today he set his alarm. His normal pace is exactly twice mine.

Of course I set off much too fast. Completely cream crackered after 5 minutes. No fool like an old fool.

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I sometimes speed up if there is a vehicle passing...silly isn't it :)

Happy New Year and happy running :)


Hi Geo-Lesley, I just came across your posts and they're great to read because I am now at exactly the same stage as you, but I'm not finding it as easy as you! Were you already quite fit when you started? Do you run on grass or tarmac? Any tips?

Good luck for the last 7, and then keeping it up.

Happy New Year.

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Hi Liz, I was very unfit, struggling with asthma, hypothyroidism and rheumatoid arthritis. I've missed playing tennis due to my illness and my breathing was really poor. I'm a geology student and need to be able to climb mountains so decided that I needed to do something positive.

This programme was perfect for my needs. It is structured which is something I need. The first week I needed all the recovery time after running for just a minute. The breakthrough came in week five when I finally realised that I could run. I started to believe in myself then. It is the mental strength that I'm building that is the key. Once you believe in yourself the rest comes naturally. It's sometimes a struggle but I'm enjoying it. I keep remembering that thousands have gone before me so there is no reason that I can't.

It doesn't matter how slow you run. You are running and that is joyous :)

I had to stop for a couple of weeks due to vertigo but I'm back running and I've missed it. It's not a race, Liz, so it doesn't matter how far you run. It's the running that matters.

I run on roads as I live in a small village with hardly any pavement. It is very hilly too and most runs I climb about 95-100 metres so my pace is very slow. Ideally I'd have chosen somewhere flat to start but you have to work with what you have.

You're doing brilliantly so keep it up. If you are struggling just slow it down, speed can come later.

Masses of luck. I do my third run of week 7 tomorrow on New Year's day. I'm also going to do the 1000 miles in 2018 which should be fun.

Happy New Year and very happy running :)


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