Couch to 5K

Week 6 run 1

well folks, here it is. It's week 6 run 1.

Why did i start this programme?

the answer " INSANITY"

i over slept this morning, i didn't wake up till 8:30 and didn't bother getting out of bed till 9:00am

Finally got up, got dressed and headed out the front door, with the sweat voice of laura telling me welcome to week 6 run 1.

usual five mins warm up, that was ok but the rest of run 1 of week 6 seemed to drag on, i honestly found this more difficult than run 3 of week 5.

week 6 run 1 was probably easier than week 5 run 3, but cause i over slept and was grumpy. it seemed more difficult.

Nevermind i still have run 2 and run 3 to look forwad too,

yippee, i can barely contain my excitement, i don't think.

but i have started this programme and i will bloody well finish it, all the way up to week 9 run 3 even if it kills me.

hopefully i will be in better mood by run 2.

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i had a similar issue with week 6 run one, it just seems like a bit of an anticlimax (even though its all part of the plan) i think i was quite tired still from the 20 minutes days before and had been out at a jubilee thing all day too. part of it was that i was on such a high after the end of week five.

hoping run two is better tonight, motivating myself by knowing that i need to get to the end of week six to hear laura tell me i'm a runner!



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