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W3R1 - Bring it on!

Just got back from week 3 run 1 and found it very enjoyable! eas no way as bad as i thought running the three minutes, so a message to all of you woried about it, you can easily do it!

I found the music better this time on the podcast which i think helped and i went out as soon as i got up before i could convince myself not to go out in the cold (and it was cold too!)

Really excited about finishing this week and progressing as fast as i can but of course will take it at the right pace.

I'm away in cornwall from sarurday for a week so will try and get all the runs done by friday for week 3 so i can start on monday again on the cornish country lanes for week 4.

Best of luck to you all, especially those of you starting week 3.

P.S. the C25k program combined with healthy eating and the gym has helped me to loose 10 lb so far, so just another 15 lb to loose!

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Congratulations and thanks for easing my worries as I am due to do W3 R1 today and have been wondering if 3 mins is possible! Well done on the weight loss too, keep up the good work!


Well done, its a great feeling.


Well done! I'll blame you if I struggle tomorrow for luring me into a false sense of security!!! ;-)


Well done! I did the same run this morning and it went really well. Like everyone I was scared of running three whole minutes, but of course Laura wouldn't ask us to do something we're not ready for! The first 3 minutes went really quickly, but the second one was more of a slog. Just tried to forget about the time and keep going.

Have a great week 3!


Well done, I also did week 3 run 1 this morning in the cold and it wasn't as bad as I expected, i was really pleased I managed the 3 minutes.

Good luck running the Cornish lanes next week.


Just completed W3R2 on a colder but dry day. I run on the road - a back road where nobody goes past except the occasional runner (real runners - please don't let me stop giving friendly waves to red-faced joggers when I become one of those!). The final minute of the second 3 minute run was yet again a challenge. I know I sustained the effort by knowing others were going through the same thing as me. Keep it up everyone - good luck my twin who is doing this run after work today!


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