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Week 5 - dreading it and bring it on!

Mixed feelings about this week. This is the week things really do get serious.

I'm worried that this is the week I shall fail. All runs have been so good so far. No giving up. No rain (for which I profusely apologise - I have no idea how I got away with that today!) and no real issues to report.

Couldn't wait to get started today. I had looked at the plan and saw the programme for Week 5, Run 1 and, having done the same amount of time last week, thought. "that's ok, I can to that". And do it I did :)

Think I could probably manage an extra minute, maybe two. But three?! And then there's Week 5 Run 3. Twenty minutes? Pardon?! I must have heard that wrong. Haven't I?

I think I need to have words with Laura and ask her what she was thinking. That's just silly. Or at least impossible Isn't it?

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No it's not impossible its certainly doable. All I can say is believe in yourself and the programme, go as slow as you need too. I think we all pretty much had that same reaction when we fund out what run 3 had in store. :-)

Good luck, and just believe. :-)


If you've managed every run to plan so far, trust the plan, trust Laura - she knows what she's doing! ;) And when it comes to r3, trust yourself too - you can do this. You WILL do this! :)


Thanks! Guess it's as much mind as it is body. I can do this! :)


Trust the plan - it works! It is a case of mind over matter. Take it nice and slowly and tell yourself you can do. You've come this far. This site helped spur me on as well (I didn't want to be left behind!). Good luck :)


You can do it!! Believe in yourself , your willpower and the plan. No worries!!! X


I have just finished week 4 and am also intimidated by week 5

First run for week 5 For me is Monday so I will be watching your comments with interest


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