Bring it on! Preferably off

Ok, so now I'm finally ready, I've read lots of posts and decided I too can succeed at this weight loss & fitness plan.

Everyone seems to be very positive, so no more dipping my toes in paddling at the edge, decided to take the plunge and dive the whole way in.

I've got all the necessary equipment, bottoms, tops, sports bra, trainers, bottle, podcast and now finally the desire to be fitter, hoping to lose all the extra weight gained here and there, lost a bit, put it back on and a bit more.

I'm fed up of being the fat friend, move over, here comes a fit chick in training!

I've a holiday booked, going in just over 11 weeks time. My plan is to take clothes at least one dress size smaller than I am now and fit in and wear my bikini.

Day one of week one is tomorrow, 5th January 2015, woo hoo! Watch me go........


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26 Replies

  • Really good luck! Take it slow and you'll be fine. And stretch after!

  • Thank you, I will, I'm so determined to do this c25k for me, I so want to enjoy it.

    I've planned my route round the village for tomorrow after work. I decided the more people that I know seeing me exercise is going to keep me focused on continuing. My eldest son runs most days, he's going to be my stretch guru on my return home.

    I'll let you know how it goes..

  • That's a very healthy attitude - most newbies go out under cover of darkness for fear of being recognised! You're right - there will be no wimping out if you have announced yourself as a runner to the world. Anyway, you've told us on the forum now, and we won't let you slack off!

  • Good luck...although you sound very determined so luck won't enter into it!You WILL do this.There are all sorts on here and you will get a lot of go for it and let us know how you get on...oh and go slow,real slow....

  • Thank you so much. I'm really looking forward to my first run tomorrow. My kit is out ready to go.

  • Good luck!!

  • Welcome FitChick :-)... Hopefully the addiction will soon take hold... Laura will hold your hand and loads of support and prodding here.... Best of luck :-)

  • Thank you, Laura did, feeling very happy with myself today

  • Glad you have decided to be a fit chick. Life is about to get a whole lot better! Keep us posted on your progress xxx

  • Thank you, think I'm going to love running

  • Well done and good for you :D best decision you have made :D of course you realise you will enjoy this and become as addicted to running as the rest of us :D

    As useit said , take it slow and steady follow what laura says you will be just fine :D

    So good luck for your 1st run and all the others after :D

  • Loved it! think I'm going to like this happy feeling

  • Good luck :-) it sounds like a lot of change in a short time, but I have no doubt you will do it- we're all cheering you on :-) xxx

  • Thank you

  • Good luck - you CAN do it!! Have fun tomorrow!!! xxx

  • you can do it...well done, and I hope you fall in love with running too...I would suggest using Myfitnesspal as you won't achieve weightless with just running until you get to the longer distances. It gives you back your calories too, so you don't feel that you are dieting...good luck!!!!!

  • Logged on to that too, thank you for the recommendation, it looks brilliant, I shall be logging everything on there too. It's so good to have the support, I really hadn't realised so many people would care enough to comment.

  • Best of luck to you ! Ooh exciting times ahead for you !

    Yep, just take it slow and steady, no need to worry about speed or distance, deep breaths.

    You can do this, you really can. Plus you have got a fabulous incentive with your holiday, but if youre anything like the rest of us , you will get bitten by the running bug and want to do it for as long as physically possible !

    Good Luck and I look forward to following your progress xxx

  • Thank you, I really enjoyed today, I shall be logging my progress all the way. Thank you for your encouragement

  • I agree with all these replies. I use Myfitness pal. The phone app is great. You can plan ahead & look at it BEFORE you est anything which means you make beteer informed choices about what you're eating. Eating a better diet, running & swimming has meant I've lost 3.5 stone in 8 months. The running has helped me physically & mentally & I'm sure it will do the same for you. This forum is a great motivation ' plenty of advice & encouragement. Good luck with all your plans - keep that holiday & bikini in mind!

  • Wow! Fantastic, you must be very proud of your achievement, that is brilliant

  • Here here Shaz!!!!! Well done you on the 3.5 stone weight loss!!!! Marvellous. You must feel 100% better for that lot having disappeared. I have lost four stones and it's like you're a completely new person isn't it

    If you keep running, and eating healthily having ditched the junk, then the weight will fall off. My chest disappeared first followed by my great fat ar*e. My thighs and saddlebags disappeared when I wasn't looking, and it was only when I reached down to rest my hands on my hips after a gruelling run, that I discovered they weren't there. That was a great moment I can tell you

    A moderate run, done slowly will still burn up the calories. The trick is not to put them back on afterwards. You don't need any extra food until you start running beyond 10 k

    Have a good time, and let us know how you get on

  • Welcome WBFC! I reckon that your username will quickly be out of date and you'll wish you signed up as just FitChick.

    There is plenty of great advice above. Don't get too hung up on your weight. In 11 weeks you may have graduated, but maybe won't have lost a load of weight. However, you'll be toned, trimmer, and may see some nice muscle definition in your legs, thighs and bottom. Take a photo of yourself in front of a mirror today and again just before your holiday. You'll impress yourself I promise.

    Keep posting your progress here, and we'll give you all the help, support and encouragement that you need to stay motivated.

    And let us know how your first run today went!

  • Thats so very kind of you to say about my user name, I do hope so.

    I'm not hung up about the weight, it will come off by me eating proper portion sizes, cutting out rubbish and exercising.

    I look forward to having muscle definition, hoping to impress myself, really determined at the moment, but realistically it is only day 1.

    1st run went well, I've done another post all about it....

  • Hi there and well done for getting started and for your attitude! Hope your run goes well tonight and keep posting on here, it's a great supportive forum. Follow the programme as on podcast and you'll do grand. Have a great first run! :)

  • Run went really well, podcast is brilliant, I'm so touched that so many have commented, thank you so very much for your encouragement

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