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W3R1 complete, who’d have thunk it?!


Couple of random decisions helped me today.

1) I went a different route, so it served as a distraction thinking about where I was going and seeing what was coming up. Plus I found a great new route, it was off road and I didn’t pass anyone which is the dream!

2) I listened to a podcast instead of music which was better for my breathing (Sarah Millican told me to try breathing in for four steps and out for four and it was hard to do in contrast with the beat of the music). Plus I concentrated on that instead of my usual thoughts of “how much longer is this run? I can’t go on! I’m going to die! I have to stop I have to stop I have to... oh hello Sarah, slow down you say? Alright, if you say so Pet”

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Yey that's brilliant, well done your new route sounds great 👍


All sounds just like the experience I had. Learning new skills as a runner.


Keep going. Sounds good.


I was wondering about a podcast - W3 I found the 30 secs when Sarah was talking was the quickest of the run and stopped me thinking about stopping

LilipolpoGraduate in reply to Crittermad

Yes! The first three minute run she piped up to say I was half way through and I thought “oh no!” But then she was on about imagining someone behind the hedge (I did wonder if she’d say you can’t stop cos they’d see and judge you!)

And the second one she didn’t speak for ages and I thought I just surely be more than half way, sure enough she said I was two minutes up then by the time she’d finished her spiel it was done :)

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