Couch to 5K

Week 6 run 1 (get me, how cool is that!)

Ooohhhh myyyyyy goooooodneesss, I am actually enjoying this totally!

Never did I think I would say that, but I am! I broke the rule and didn't have my day of rest but I have a good excuse, the gym is closed for 2 days so I'd have either have had to gone out in the rain or miss 3 days. So, I thought I'd go today and just be careful, sod it, careful schmereful, I just went for it!

It was hard work, harder actually than yesterday but I ran slightly faster as the times were shorter but I think I can consider w6r1 thoroughly nailed!

I've also decided that I'm upping my goal, which was simply to get through the plan, now it's to actually do 5k in w9r3 (just the run not including the warm up or cool down) which will mean keeping my pace up but I CAN do it.

From a person who the word lazy was invented for, I am grinning from ear to ear with this plan!

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Congratulations! Sometimes you just have to run...


Indeed, I'm still grinning!


That's brilliant - well done!!

I have two observations to add: (1) do give running in the rain a try sometime - everyone agrees it's terrific, and (2) who on earth opens a gym and then decides to close it precisely when everyone has the leisure time to use it?? :-D


Thank you!

I am an advocate of running in the rain, I chose to do most of my early runs in the cold and the rain and far preferred it to any other weather! Im choosing to complete the plan indoors as i suffer with fibromyalgia and hyper mobile syndrome, treadmill running is much kinder to my knees and ankles. I can also use the cross trainer which will enable me to go further longterm, and will strengthen the supporting structures in my dodgy joints and reduce the pain! As for the gym closure, I do agree, but it's a small council run gym and as good as they are they do seem to be missing a point!


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