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Week 1, Run 1 - or Trying to Get Started

On Sunday, I downloaded the written details (thanks to all for help and support) and within moments the heavens opened, so first rush of enthusiasm was washed away. Never mind.

Monday was forecast to be wet for most of the day, so went swimming first thing and did 50 lengths, which I hadn't done for a while and which I felt was enough for one day, so that was Monday.

Tuesday, this is it! Sun and clouds, gentle breeze. Off to the village playing fields, which are, quite conveniently about a 5 minutes brisk walk away. Surprisingly, for a nice day in the school holidays, there were few people about - and, believe me, I did not want an audience! Thankfully, also, only a couple of well supervised dogs. Because I don't use headphones, I had decided to work on running 120 paces, walking 180. A couple of timed runs around the garden had indicated that jogging 60 paces took me just over 25 seconds, so 120 paces could be one minute, so off I went. And, blow me, it was hard, but I made the first 120 and then relished every moment of of the 180 walking steps. But, what do you mean, "that's not it, I have to do it all over again"? Actually second time was easier. Third, fourth and fifth, not too bad. But in this little patch of Middle England, the clouds cleared, the breeze dropped, the sweat trickled down my forehead and, I admit it, I gave up. Perhaps 15 minutes, rather than 20, but at least I started. Swimming tomorrow, then the weather doesn't look too bad for Thursday.

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Congratulations and well done on making a start. I found wk 1 the hardest but you will find that as you progress through the program that your cardio fitness will improve tremendously. I combine my jogging with swimming on alternate days and do 50 lengths also. I've noticed since doing c/5k that my lung function improvement has helped my swimming. Good luck with your next run


What a great start for your fitness campaign ... And what a heap of mathematics you've ahead of you! Courage mon brave ... You'll do it, you are so wonderfully positive! :)

I balked at the requirements of W1R1 too when I first started out! I hadn't wanted to know in advance what was coming, so plodded out and followed Laura's instructions....did the first four runs and walking intervals, broke out in a wheezy sweat, walked through 5 and 6, then when I was told there were only two more I thought, 'what the heck, I'll give a go', and found some more oomph! I seem to recall doing that week 1 routine 4 or 5 times before I felt ready enough to crack on with W2. Like hundreds before us, you'll complete too. Lots of luck in the weeks ahead :D Oh, and the 'rest day' swimming is good too ...

Cheers, Linda


Hello again ... so glad to hear you've started W1 this week. You sound so determined, I have no doubt you will get there.Just take your time and remeber that there is no shame in having to repeat any of the stages in the programme,just move onto the next week when you are good and ready.

Good luck and come back here with regular updates so we can all hear how you are getting on.


......sorry, that should be 'remember ' :)


Not sure how long your swimming pool is but 50 lengths is impressive.

If you can swim that far then I'm sure you'll conquer week 1 and be on the way to graduating in no time.

Good luck


Well done for starting!

I have decided that if I have scheduled a run for a particular evening, I will do it even if it's raining. It's better than running in the heat, especially while I'm getting used to running. I will have W6 R1 done for Thursday and Saturday is going to be my very first parkrun.

Keep on going. It's worth it.

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Well done for getting started!!

Good luck in your journey, you'll get there, just keep it slow and steady!


Well done for starting, and with counting rather than timing as well. I can't manage to run and keep count at all!

Good luck for Thursday, let's hope the weather stays good.


Well done for getting out there and starting the programme. Wow 50 lengths is amazing im so jealous I can only manage 1 lol

the counting steps is s good idea, it passes the time and gives you something to focus on. Youv probably already thought of this idea but what about a stop watch for later on when the runs get longer. Good luck with your next run. You can do it

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How goes it? We've not heard from you since this post.


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