Couch to 5K

Tickled pink!

I am new to writing here but have really enjoyed and got oodles of inspiration from all the posts since I started C25K (have read this blog religeously for 8 weeks!) I have just completed wk7R4 in the drizzle this morning and although I was thrilled to be called a 'runner' by Laura during week 6 - something happened today during my run...I felt like 'a runner' as I just settled into a pace and thoroughly loved every minute of it - so much so I ran for 30 mins, so invigorating! It was the first time I was brave enough not to listen to Laura (Laura for President!) - but loved listening to my own music and wow I just ran.

The C25K is just brilliant - it gives you the confidence to build up slowly and I still cant quite believe that only 7 weeks ago i was struggling with 90 seconds running and the thought of running to 5k seemed only a dream.

Here's to week 8...have booked to do my first Race for Life 5K next month - so excited! Thank you to all of you for helping me get to here.

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What a lovely blog...well done you... and let us know how you get on.

Not long till you get to graduation! :)


Congratulations and thank you. I'm at the "struggling with 90 seconds " stage and it's blogs like yours that inspire me.


What a joyful blog! Good luck with the Race for Life.


Very well done, that'll be one of the runs that you remember for a long time afterwards, I expect.

Good luck with your Race - keep blogging now you've started ;-)


Wow - thank you for all your replies - you're all very kind. I'm still buzzing!

Keep going 'nevertoolate' - you WILL get there and YOU will be the inspiration for someone else x


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