W8R3 completed at the first weekend of Twilight 5K Race for Life events

Not long back from running the twilight 5K and guess what? I RAN THE WHOLE DISTANCE, WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!

Sorry, I couldn't contain myself :-D

I've just had a quick look at my stats and I was running overall a good 1km ph faster than usual. I was dog tired towards the end and, at one point I started to speed up for the finish and realised it was too far away for me to start a sprint, so I dropped back to a jog and then really went for it close to the finish. Compared to previous runs, I was off the scale at the end, I had no idea there was any energy left, 16kph, I had no idea I could go that fast!

Very happy bunny :-) My daughter (aged 12) did the run in 27:17 (having been out for a training run 2 or 3 times only in the last month). Me? I couldn't run for 2 minutes 8 weeks ago,(set myself a target of completing it in under 40 minutes) but tonight I ran 5K in 29.54.

Thank you Laura, thank you NHS, but mostly, THANK ALL OF YOU on here who have INSPIRED me and encouraged me. I'm looking forward to a couple of days rest (I ran two consecutive days, so I think I deserve that) and starting my W9 runs.

p.s. This weekend is the first of the Twilight runs, starting at 8pm and running with glow sticks and torches - there were 4 venues, but I think they will introduce more next year. Great fun running around Windsor Race course, I'm only sorry I didn't get there early enough to do an advert for C25K on the stage, although I did tell a few people about it. I'd recommend signing up if you get a chance to do one next year (we could be the C25K Alumni team!)


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23 Replies

  • That is wonderful, what a brilliant achievement x

  • thank you. I'm totally shattered now, but it was worth it!

  • Excellent, really well done, enjoy your well deserved rest :)

  • thanks, it was lovely to have a day of relaxation :-)

  • Excellent and what a fab time :)

  • it was great!

  • Thats fantastic vixiej! It sounds like a brilliant event and will certainly look out for it in the future. What a good idea to have a C25K team at different venues! Good luck for grad week!

  • They are planning more for 2013

  • Well done, vixiej! Sounds like you well and truly rose to the occasion and did yourself proud! The Twilight runs sound fun too, have to look out for them!

  • it was great, I'd definitely recommend them

  • That is amazing vixiej. Congratulations on your first 5k and only 3 more runs to graduation!

  • I know, I can't believe it's arrived so fast, although I my have to focus on the big bike race next weekend, so not sure how much raining I will do this week (we may stay in sync after all, despite your rest)

  • Congratulations Vixie!!! It is your determination, stamina and new goodies that helped you to the end! :-) Great going! You deserve a rest now! :-)

  • thank you!

  • Fantastic, vixiej!! I could feel the pride welling up inside me for you as I read your blog!! I am so incredibly happy for you and your success!!! YOU DID IT!! You completed the full 5K and did it in under 30 minutes!! WooooooHoooooooo!!!!!

    A couple of well-deserved days off and then only three more runs to that lovely graduation badge!!

    You are Awesome!!! Keep running!!!

  • thank you! I will keep running, for sure, even beyond the graduation. Can't wait to get that badge, although ordering my top will be the highlight, I think :-D

  • The twilight runs sound great fun. Where else are they being held?

  • 'm not sure at the moment, this was a trial weekend for them. I think they are planning more for 2013 so its a matter of keeping an eye on the Race for Life website.

  • Thank you everyone for such lovely comments.

    I want to do another twilight run and I was planning to talk to the organiser of this one to suggest they do some joint marketing with C25K. I don't know if there is already a C25K Alumni group on facebook, but I'd be happy to set one up if not, so that people can organise to run in teams together, it could be awesome and lovely to put some faces to some names.

  • You are inspirational. What a fantastic time. I would love a FB page.

  • Congratulations - fantastic achievement and in a fantastic time too! You must be so chuffed :)

    You've given me hope for the weekend too - have my first 5K on Sunday and it will be mt W8R3 too - no way I'll do it as fast as you, but maybe I WILL just run the whole distance!

  • Thank you, I was really chuffed at the time, I felt on top of the world :-)

    You can do it, my suggestion would be not to worry about speed though, take it slow and steady, as Laura suggests (assuming you are using the podcasts, rather than the app).

    Good luck, have fun! :-)


  • Thanks, I'll try :) (oh, and I take every run slow and steady...)

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