W9R3=C25K Completed (32 Minutes 52 Seconds=5K)!!! Hurrah!!!

Yepeee!! I completed W9R3!!! I AM a graduate now!!

Well, I am sooo glad that I completed the whole of my training of C25K just before my surgery, (which is tomorrow and I am supposed to go to the hospital at 10am!) I did my last two runs in a different route to my usual one and also with different music which Hubby down loaded for me. So basically I ran without Laura by my side ( I still love her very much!) but with my (new friend!) Garmin! So I know it is exactly 5K that I ran and that I completed the 5K today in 32 minutes 52 seconds, all running, and no walking! Oh Yeah!!

First half of my 5K was good, I was just over 15 minutes, I was to speed up in my second half but then started a tummy ache, on my right side, which I have never had before. I remember Laura saying that not having enough water could be a cause, I am not sure whether that was the case today, I thought I had enough water during the day, not 8 glasses though! Anyway, at last here I am A graduate after almost 2 months of hard work!!!

For the new runners who wonder whether C25K would work, I want to tell you…I am a 44 year old woman who never went to a gym for the last 5+ years. All I did was walk for about 30 minutes a day for at least 4 days a week, not as a ‘proper walker’ but to and from the school to drop my son and then to and from work! Then last year I signed for Race for Life (spur of the moment!!) and did not know what I was going to do-wanted to run, but ‘how’ was a question!

When I was told about C25K, I thought that I would give it a go, which was on 27th February 2013 (So glad I did!!). I still remember the W1R1, I came home knackered but was so happy that I ran for few minutes, one minute non-stop running was a great achievement, because I could not do so before! Never tried it, but only ran to the bus and could not ask the driver for the ticket as I was breathless, it could not even be a minute running!

Gradually I ran and ran AND ran from 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 20 minutes..wow..I was really running, how mad was that?!

Then today 29th April 2013, I ran for 32 minutes and 52 seconds, non stop and also covered 5K, how amazing is that? If I can do this, anyone can, so do not wonder, start today..all you need is commitment and wanting to do this…C25K works and you will be hooked for life!

I do like to thank very much all the fellow runners, senior graduates here (you are the best and an amazing bunch and love you all sooo much-I call you my 'running friends'!!!) who gave me such inspiration, encouragement when I was so low and down and told me such lovely stories of how you managed to be where I am today. I am glad that I am stubborn not to give up when I thought that I could not do it, I am glad that I was challenged by weather, most of all I am glad that I looked up on C25K on internet when I was told that there is such a thing called C25K! AND I am glad I am a RUNNER! Yeah..who would have thought, heh?!

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  • Big congratulations!! Lovley blog too. Well done

  • Thank you hacw..good luck to you for your runs too!! How far for you to go?

  • Congratulations!!! Awesome blog. Your green badge will look lovely :D

    What next?! :D

  • Hey Bilby, how do I get the Green Badge??

    Thank you very much for your wishes! I have signed up to do Race for Life on 14th July so have to speed up, aim is to complete the Race under 30 minutes, I am so far 3 minutes behind!

  • couchto5k.healthunlocked.co...

    Explained here :D

    Awesome, it's really good to have something to work for, keeps motivation up and everything!

  • Thank you Bilby, shall ask then..so I will have a shiny badge next to my name too!!

  • Congratulations and good luck for your operation, I hope everything goes well.

  • Thank you Mysticalmaid, good luck to you for your runs too!!

  • Amazing .... I just knew you'd do it... you were sooooooooooooooo determined to get it out of the way before your op! Well done and many, many congratulations!

    Now relax a little bit, celebrate a lot, and get yourself planning for the post op era of a new and 'repaired' YOU! Look forward to seeing you back here when you are out and active again. All the very best for next week ;) :) :D Linda x

  • Thank you Dear Linda, I was getting a bit nervous today thinking what if I would not be able to do my 30 minutes, I would have to wait for 2-3 weeks to complete my C25K, so I kept on RUNNING!!

    I will be back as soon as I can shake my hand...!!

    Thank you for all the encouragement you have given..love you!

  • Sleep well through the CTS adventure... perhaps you could ask them to stitch in a Garmin for you?

    Green badge folk have been very slow since last Friday when I graduated... I finally got mine today. Hit the feedback button top right and you will probably find the names of a couple of administrators for your region listed underneath. There is also a general 'feedback' note box. I messaged ALL three in the end (as did Caz1) Eventually they woke up and awarded the flashy green icons to us both - 3 days later :) :D

  • Thank you Linda..shall keep an eye out for the badge!

    Garmin is the best present after graduating even though I bought it 3 days before!! Time to go to sleep, I am supposed to have a 'light breakfast' before 6am tomorrow! Night-Night!!

  • Well done and a great time as well! Hope all goes well with the op.

  • Thank you DaveAnglesey!! It is a hand surgery for CTS, nothing big but then no running for 2 weeks or so.

    Hey, hope you celebrated your achievement!!! (I could not drink anything due to the painkillers I may take tomorrow!)

  • Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations! I am so very happy for you!

    Hope the op goes really smoothly and you have a rapid recovery and can get back to your lovely running!

    Hugs for graduating, and hugs for tomorrow. xx

  • Many thanks greenlegs, just about to call it a day when I saw your message. Many thanks for your kind wishes, as always!

    Can't imagine I am a grdaute now!! It is strange to call myself a Runner! Wow..I love it!

  • Congratulations!!! I also graduated yesterday and admin gave me my badge within the half hour I was so impressed!! Great blog and great run. Good luck with your op x

  • Congratulations on your graduation! A lovely blog as well, full of inspiration :) I hope the surgery goes well. Which RFL have you signed up for? Mine is also 14th July, in Hyde Park. Now - go get that badge, graduate :)

  • Congratulations!!! Brilliant achievement (and a great time, too!). Good luck for the surgery, and enjoy having a few days off to bask in the glory of graduating.

    Love the blog, so positive, I will show it to a friend, I was trying to persuade her to give C25K a go. It might just push her into trying, then she'll get hooked ;-)

    Happy Running!

  • Congrats! Superb story....

  • Well done. Onwards and upwards. Great blog. :-)

  • Well done! Started at the same as you, now look at us, graduates! x

  • Dear karenmac70,Anniemurph,vixiej,75bish,alcopop and jonut,

    Many thanks for all our wishes for my becoming a graduate, it is shining with my name now which makes me proud.

    Sorry for the delay in replying, could not type (still hard) as I could not use the left hand, so did not come this way.

    I signed for the Oxford RFL Anniemurph, it is on 14th July.

    As soon as the stiches come off my hand on 15th, I will be running again!

    Hopefully vixiej your friend will get pursuaded.I pursuaded a colleague of mine and she is now pursuading her daughter-in-law to join in her runs!

    Good luck all of you for your runs!!!

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