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W9R3=C25K Completed (32 Minutes 52 Seconds=5K)!!! Hurrah!!!

Yepeee!! I completed W9R3!!! I AM a graduate now!!

Well, I am sooo glad that I completed the whole of my training of C25K just before my surgery, (which is tomorrow and I am supposed to go to the hospital at 10am!) I did my last two runs in a different route to my usual one and also with different music which Hubby down loaded for me. So basically I ran without Laura by my side ( I still love her very much!) but with my (new friend!) Garmin! So I know it is exactly 5K that I ran and that I completed the 5K today in 32 minutes 52 seconds, all running, and no walking! Oh Yeah!!

First half of my 5K was good, I was just over 15 minutes, I was to speed up in my second half but then started a tummy ache, on my right side, which I have never had before. I remember Laura saying that not having enough water could be a cause, I am not sure whether that was the case today, I thought I had enough water during the day, not 8 glasses though! Anyway, at last here I am A graduate after almost 2 months of hard work!!!

For the new runners who wonder whether C25K would work, I want to tell you…I am a 44 year old woman who never went to a gym for the last 5+ years. All I did was walk for about 30 minutes a day for at least 4 days a week, not as a ‘proper walker’ but to and from the school to drop my son and then to and from work! Then last year I signed for Race for Life (spur of the moment!!) and did not know what I was going to do-wanted to run, but ‘how’ was a question!

When I was told about C25K, I thought that I would give it a go, which was on 27th February 2013 (So glad I did!!). I still remember the W1R1, I came home knackered but was so happy that I ran for few minutes, one minute non-stop running was a great achievement, because I could not do so before! Never tried it, but only ran to the bus and could not ask the driver for the ticket as I was breathless, it could not even be a minute running!

Gradually I ran and ran AND ran from 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 20 was really running, how mad was that?!

Then today 29th April 2013, I ran for 32 minutes and 52 seconds, non stop and also covered 5K, how amazing is that? If I can do this, anyone can, so do not wonder, start today..all you need is commitment and wanting to do this…C25K works and you will be hooked for life!

I do like to thank very much all the fellow runners, senior graduates here (you are the best and an amazing bunch and love you all sooo much-I call you my 'running friends'!!!) who gave me such inspiration, encouragement when I was so low and down and told me such lovely stories of how you managed to be where I am today. I am glad that I am stubborn not to give up when I thought that I could not do it, I am glad that I was challenged by weather, most of all I am glad that I looked up on C25K on internet when I was told that there is such a thing called C25K! AND I am glad I am a RUNNER! Yeah..who would have thought, heh?!

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Big congratulations!! Lovley blog too. Well done


Thank you hacw..good luck to you for your runs too!! How far for you to go?


Congratulations!!! Awesome blog. Your green badge will look lovely :D

What next?! :D


Hey Bilby, how do I get the Green Badge??

Thank you very much for your wishes! I have signed up to do Race for Life on 14th July so have to speed up, aim is to complete the Race under 30 minutes, I am so far 3 minutes behind!


Explained here :D

Awesome, it's really good to have something to work for, keeps motivation up and everything!


Thank you Bilby, shall ask I will have a shiny badge next to my name too!!


Congratulations and good luck for your operation, I hope everything goes well.


Thank you Mysticalmaid, good luck to you for your runs too!!


Amazing .... I just knew you'd do it... you were sooooooooooooooo determined to get it out of the way before your op! Well done and many, many congratulations!

Now relax a little bit, celebrate a lot, and get yourself planning for the post op era of a new and 'repaired' YOU! Look forward to seeing you back here when you are out and active again. All the very best for next week ;) :) :D Linda x


Thank you Dear Linda, I was getting a bit nervous today thinking what if I would not be able to do my 30 minutes, I would have to wait for 2-3 weeks to complete my C25K, so I kept on RUNNING!!

I will be back as soon as I can shake my hand...!!

Thank you for all the encouragement you have you!


Sleep well through the CTS adventure... perhaps you could ask them to stitch in a Garmin for you?

Green badge folk have been very slow since last Friday when I graduated... I finally got mine today. Hit the feedback button top right and you will probably find the names of a couple of administrators for your region listed underneath. There is also a general 'feedback' note box. I messaged ALL three in the end (as did Caz1) Eventually they woke up and awarded the flashy green icons to us both - 3 days later :) :D


Thank you Linda..shall keep an eye out for the badge!

Garmin is the best present after graduating even though I bought it 3 days before!! Time to go to sleep, I am supposed to have a 'light breakfast' before 6am tomorrow! Night-Night!!


Well done and a great time as well! Hope all goes well with the op.


Thank you DaveAnglesey!! It is a hand surgery for CTS, nothing big but then no running for 2 weeks or so.

Hey, hope you celebrated your achievement!!! (I could not drink anything due to the painkillers I may take tomorrow!)


Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations! I am so very happy for you!

Hope the op goes really smoothly and you have a rapid recovery and can get back to your lovely running!

Hugs for graduating, and hugs for tomorrow. xx


Many thanks greenlegs, just about to call it a day when I saw your message. Many thanks for your kind wishes, as always!

Can't imagine I am a grdaute now!! It is strange to call myself a Runner! Wow..I love it!


Congratulations!!! I also graduated yesterday and admin gave me my badge within the half hour I was so impressed!! Great blog and great run. Good luck with your op x


Congratulations on your graduation! A lovely blog as well, full of inspiration :) I hope the surgery goes well. Which RFL have you signed up for? Mine is also 14th July, in Hyde Park. Now - go get that badge, graduate :)


Congratulations!!! Brilliant achievement (and a great time, too!). Good luck for the surgery, and enjoy having a few days off to bask in the glory of graduating.

Love the blog, so positive, I will show it to a friend, I was trying to persuade her to give C25K a go. It might just push her into trying, then she'll get hooked ;-)

Happy Running!


Congrats! Superb story....


Well done. Onwards and upwards. Great blog. :-)


Well done! Started at the same as you, now look at us, graduates! x


Dear karenmac70,Anniemurph,vixiej,75bish,alcopop and jonut,

Many thanks for all our wishes for my becoming a graduate, it is shining with my name now which makes me proud.

Sorry for the delay in replying, could not type (still hard) as I could not use the left hand, so did not come this way.

I signed for the Oxford RFL Anniemurph, it is on 14th July.

As soon as the stiches come off my hand on 15th, I will be running again!

Hopefully vixiej your friend will get pursuaded.I pursuaded a colleague of mine and she is now pursuading her daughter-in-law to join in her runs!

Good luck all of you for your runs!!!


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