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Week 9 run 1

Tried the treadmill again because of the horrid weather.

5 minute warm up 3.5mph (5.6 kph)

5 minute run 4 mph (6.4 kph) then I accidentally pressed stop!! Dur!!!! Start again........

25 minutes 4 mph (6.4 kph)

5 minutes 5 mph (8.05 kph)

5 minute cool down at 3.5 mph (5.6 kph)

Thought I'd speed up the last five mins to see how I coped.

Also did some gym work to mix it up afterwards.

A good run and a good work out. 2 more til the 9 weeks are complete!! About to order my garmin forerunner 10 so I can track my outdoor progress better


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Well done MB, nearly there , onwards to W9R2 , have you thought about where will you be doing your Graduation Run ? xxx


Round the pub any good??!! Lol

I may do it round my local park. Only done it there once before. It was hard work because of the really hot weather (where did that go!!) it isn't flat so that will add a touch of difficulty too. Hoping to get the garmin watch in next few days. Will be good to monitor distance/speed etc x


Ha, ha no, the pubs after ! I do prefer this weather were having now for running in rather than the very hot weather , it just seemed to suck the life out of me.

Oh we need a pic when you get your Garmin, its compulsory :-) xxx


Ok will do lol. X


OOOOh a garmin gadget. Please tell how it goes 'cos now that I am a nearly graduate :) :) I was thinking of dropping humongous hints to DH come next b'day.

No idea how you have the energy to tackle the gym after your 30 mins, but WTG MB!


Men take hints!! Must be joking!!

I have done two treadmill runs so far and both times I had to restart cos I pressed the stop button lol.!

Prefer running outdoors so think I need the watch.

Last month I bought new running shoes so this month it's the watch! Not getting anything too fancy as I don't think i will use all the whistles and beeps. Garmin forerunner 10 in pink will do me fine :-) x


Well done - good effort there too !

Nearly there :)


Good running MancBird - nearly there for your shiny badge!


Well done - that's some decent path you're putting on there as well!

2 more runs! 2 more runs! :)

Maybe run around the pub and then when you're done it's not too far to walk for a celebratory pint or glass... :)

I love outdoor running and my Garmin - can't wait to hear about it! Good luck!


Just completed my third run of week nine Tuesday gone. Your almost there.. It's fab to cross the finish line. Your doing great. :-)


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