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week 2 run 2 done!

After working out that I would have to get up at 5.15 tomorrow morning to do my run I decided that this evening was a better option. Week 2 run 2 now done! I was trying to decide if it was better or worse than run 2 but gave up. It's still quite difficult on the lungs but I hope this is something to do with the high pollen count.

As usual I found my legs were complaining during the first two 90 seconds and then I could forget about them. I start out everytime thinking that they're far too heavy and are going to let me down, then somehow they get a grip. I'm still huffing and puffing though. I tried counting to four and managed it a bit better then last time. I can breathe out at length but I gasp in.

Despite the hard work - or perhaps because of it, who knows? - this is still keeping me on a high. It's such a pity about having to have a rest day in-between runs, but I'm sure it's necessary.

Good luck to all you Week Two runners - I'm trying not to think what 3 minutes would be like............Run3 Saturday.

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For the first few weeks I tended to count 1-2-3-4 while I was running, I think it helped keep a steady pace. I still struggle to concentrate on breathing technique and usually gasp in whatever I can get but I do have short periods of doing it properly. I tend to assume it will all work itself out in time :-)


Thanks for the words of advice. I'm sure breathing in and out regularly and slowly is the best way of developing lung power, but it's going to take a lot of practice. This morning on the bus I sat listening to Laura (getting very hooked here!) and doing the breathing. Even sitting down it was difficult, but after about ten minutes got slightly easier. It gave me hope!


Where you naughty like me and skipped the rest day?


No, I was a good girl and last ran on Monday. It didn't seem to have hurt you as far I could see, that's good news. I'm glad it went better for you. My third run is early Saturday morning. I hope it turns out to be easier than yesterday. If I manage it, even if it's still difficult, I'm determined to go onto Week 3 on Monday. Fingers crossed!


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