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2 in 1 Shorts

Following the conversation on another blog, I now have the full wicked witch of the west look as the purple shorts arrived today. The inner lycra is as stripy as they look in the pic. I can confirm that they do cover the flobbity inner thigh and they are true to size. No need to go up a size unless you are pushing the top end of the size.

For anyone not following the other blog and is confused

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What excellent taste you have ! Wore mine for a run this evening - they are very comfy.


Thanks for this. I will order the black ones I think. Might order both sizes and send wrong ones back.

Perhaps we should have a c25k uniform? :) Some tee shirts would be a great idea.


I just bought them in my normal jeans size.


I love those but I'm too fat just yet :(

How long are the legging bits? I could do knee length right now, perhaps :/


Still not sure I'm brave enough to wear them out tomorrow, my legs need another coat of fake bake first!

Tee shirts are a good idea, there is another c25k programme that has a plethora of goodies not sure I like the design though!


Oooooh NO - horrible design :( Plus they looks so small !!!!

Good news is that my 2 in 1 shorts are on their way to me. Bad news is that it is via Yodel - had horrendous experiences with them at Christmas.

Hope they arrive for me to take down to the coast on Friday. Watch out milford on sea - you are in for a treat :)

Another question - do you wear knickers under them or is the compression bit the pants????


I wear my usual knickers under them.

Have to agree with you about Yodel.


Legging bit comes around mid thigh, hence slight reluctance to bare all just yet .....


I've decided not to care any more - anyone who is bothered enough to criticise the way I look needs to find something more interesting to do. The C25K program has helped me to think like this - as a child I was so shy my mum sent me to a speech therapist to help me gain the confidence to talk to people !

I like the t-shirt idea a lot !


I'm going to buy some and work my butt off to feel good wearing them :)

Upto 2 weeks ago I didnt care what anyone thought about how I look (I didn't go stupid and wear short shorts or anything though), then I got weighed! It went rapidly wrong from then :( I gave up smoking 7 weeks ago and my weigh in set my self esteem back several weeks :( I'm beginning to get back to not giving a damn but it's still up and down days. I will be fine and will be able to shake my new skinny ass in the near future and laugh myself now :)


Well done on quitting smoking. You will be fab soon if you are not already :)

I got very depressed, put on weight, got depressed etc etc and ended up at 21.5 stone (I'm 5'3). Good for you for catching it before it went too far. I have lost 10 stone in the past year, still have another 2 to go and finding it so hard at the moment, I just don't have the same motivation that I had at the beginning.

I think we will have a have a skinny ass shaking competition at the meet in September


Excellent,thanks for sharing. I'm still gutted they won't do the dishes though! ;)


Awesome! :) I like the 2 in 1 business! I'll have to buy a pair now :D


Maybe they do do dishes its just that we haven't found the button yet! They certainly look like you could cast spells in them :)

I wear M&S basic cotton magic pants ( and still would under these. I have lost soooo much weight that I have a bit of a baggy belly which I needs to be kept under control! Tops of my thighs are a bit yuk too but it takes about a year for the skin to shrink back so I'm stuck with it for a while.

I got a pair of Karrimor size 14 shorts at the same time and they are stupidly tight! So watch out for their sizing.


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