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Parkrun #3 - Shorty in Shorts


With Bert and Ernie on my feet and Steve Reich in my ears I’m quite happy with my 3rd Parkrun today. It may be hot out there but we got round, and not too near the back this time, even without Little Tail_Chaser who decided bed was a much nicer place to be on a Saturday morning.

My only run since Sunday due to too much end of term stuff (and forgetting Bert & Ernie when I went to the gym didn’t help!), so I wasn’t sure how I’d do. Wasn’t too bad really, I think I’ve PB’d by a few seconds (awaiting results). And I wore my new shorts, without Vaseline, and no chafing Flaraflarkin! So I’m guessing these shorts with the extra shorty bits inside are good to avoid it. The only thing I’d say is that they are no good for cycling in as they ride up as your legs go up and down.

The best news is that I’ve persuaded my hubby to start C25K after we come back from holiday 😁

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Related tags: Vaseline 🤣🤣🤣 Blimers well done that woman!! L❤VE those shorts, think I may have seen them online when I was ...browsing 😬 Mine have inners too, alas I still need the big V to avoid the big C! 🤣🤣 Truth of it is I reckon my thighs are just fatter than yours TailChaser 😱🤣 And go hubby go! Can he have a word with mine who started ~ then stopped 😳

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Thank you 😁 I know, I had to leave it in there 😂😂😂 And I really can’t believe anyone’s thighs are fatter than mine 😂😂😂. The shorts are nothing fancy, they were in the sale at Trespass but the Ron Hill ones that I really wanted were a bit too expensive, I’m not that keen 🤓 Annoyingly I was 2 seconds off my PB 😫, I reckon it was the queue for the scanners wot did it! Meanwhile, shocking state of affairs!! C’mon Flara’s hubby, you’re letting the side down!

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Same ones I got! That might be where you've seen them before Flara 😆


Well done TailChaser, firstly for your Parkrun in shorts (me too)

And for getting OH to join up too. He is obviously impressed by your achievements. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

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Way to go Dexy5! 🙌🙌🙌




Great stuff! 😃👍

My OH says he’s gonna start to learn to run again but so far he’s done zero. He has however just gone to sportsdirect to collect a wristband with a key slot Progress 😁

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Thank you 😀 Little steps... misswobble You know men and their gadgets, they have to have the kit first 😁

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