Wk 4 Run 1

Woaw! That was a bit of a shock to the system! For the first time in the schedule I've jogged more than I've walked! I actually found it more of a mental exercise than a physical. As I puffed along I was constantly having to argue with myself as I was thinking "I can't do this! I can't run for 5 minutes!" but my inner angel was arguing with my inner demon and saying "You can do anything if you really want to". I kept going and I did it!!!! YEay!!!!! I felt VERY proud!

Hopefully Run 2 will be less of a shock to the system. Does anyone else find this more of a mental test? I'm not saying that the jogging is easy - but it is not killing me either, and really it's my brain that would make me stop, rather than the huffing and puffing as I jog around the park. Maybe that is why the NHS C25K is such a success - because Laura is talking to our inner devil and keeping us going?

Is this the time when the tumbleweeds start to float across my viewpoint as absolutely nobody else confirms that they also have an inner angel and an inner demon (and it's time to visit the psych ward of the local hospital....)? ;oP


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  • Aha, I think you have met what other, more experienced runners than me, call "the gremlins". Apparently they try to stop you from completing your run, every single time. Nasty little things. They will be vary vocal during week 5 too, so, be prepared. I am tackling W6R1 tomorrow and I can't wait to see if they are still around as I have a surprise for them (I don't really but I will pretend I have or maybe I should really find one!). All the best for your training!

  • Yeay! Thank you!!! Relieved to know it's not just me who argues with myself! ;oP

  • I've just done my last run of week 3 and am nervous about the 5 min runs of week 4. I also 'know' that I can do it, but being out of breath is so uncomfortable, all I want while I'm running is for it to suddenly become easy and effortless. It's like a to and fro in your head - I CAN do it - But I don't WANT to do it - No, I CAN do it... Whether that's an angel and a demon or just motivational thinking constantly having to knock down defeatist thinking, I think it's all down to endurance. We're building up endurance as well as fitness. Even very fit people have to push against inner thoughts.

    I like Laura because she's not shouting. In an exercise class the group leader has to shout, but inside my headphones Laura is calmly assertive, speaking at a normal volume, which doesn't stress me out :)

  • I agree. She says "You can do this" and you believe you can. She also keeps saying that it's just a light jog too, as it's so easy to start going a little too fast, but she reigns you back in again. I think this program is brilliant! 😃

  • No we're all the same. 100%!

  • Act on your fears. May you conquer your fears not the other way round. Keep pushing and keep going on.

  • I did Week 5 run 1 last night. It was running for 5 min each time so I knew I could do it as I ran for 5 mins last week. But when I was doing it last night I still had those voices says "You can stop anytime you want, no-one will know" but I would know. I carried on and felt better for it. I find I give my self little goals e.g. if you run past the pub you will have run 3 mins. I am always surprised when Laura says 60 seconds to go. I feel that my last 60 seconds I run a bit faster.

    Keep going. You can do it.

  • Thank you. Run 2 tomorrow! 😃

  • Just completed W4R1 tonight and know exactly what you mean. My legs weren't getting sorer or more tired as I went through it, and my breathing was not getting worse, so the only reason that I was going to stop was that my head was telling me I couldn't do it.

    But you know what, I did it. A lot of talking to myself (just in my head I hope!) and I managed it.

  • Yeay! We did it!! <cue "Chariots of Fire" music> 😀

  • Marie, after a weekend of driving my sons to their hockey matches, I finally managed Week 4 Run 2 tonight. Still found it tough mentally, but maybe not as bad as last time.

    Maybe I need to get out and run, rather than the treadmill. Too easy to look at the time on the treadmill and realise you still have 3 minutes of the 5 minute run to go!

  • I don't have access to a treadmill so I am outside and I find that I just lose myself in the music - I think that I'd be tempted to watch the clock if I had one - and that WOULD make the time drag! Maybe you could put a bit of tape over it next time? :o)

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