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One for the ladies. I have tried various makes and brands of shorts for running in the warmer weather (on the few occasions we have some!!) but frequently find that they are only just cover my hips and I can't stand the feeling that they are about to head south! I want some shorts that (a) are cool, (b) sit on my waist (to avoid the "Aargh, they're falling down!" dilemma) and (c) do not bunch up between my legs when I run. I don't want to give myself any excuse for not getting out there during the summer when I am without jog/jiggle-dog (she's expecting puppies in July :D)!

Also, what do you find useful for keeping shortish layered hair off your neck and away from your face? I've just got enough hair for a very short pony tail but am left with the layers above. Hair grips? Buff? Hairband? Any recommendations welcome!

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Have you thought about a skort? decathlon.co.uk/w-kanergy-t...


Hi babes have the same hair issue and I use a buff on hot days and if raining I use a cap. As for shorts I'm afraid I can't help you there as I weasr 3/4 length leggings. Xxx keep up the good work


I like running shorts that are tights (Lycra?). But short. They don't move. For your hair I recommend a cap. It keeps hair from your eyes. Also it keeps the sun off your forehead, which is good because I put sunscreen on only below my eyes because my forehead sweats so much and it runs into my eyes.


Buff! 😊

Loads of shorts about. Have you checked out Nike site, Brooks, sweaty betty, lulumon. Start Fitness, sportsdirect Nike has all sorts of shorts for various sorts. Check out the basketball, tennis ones too. Salomon have some good uns😊


Ah, Mr-Fit-the-husband likes Salomon as well! I'll have a look.


I wear a Buff.

As for shorts, I wear mens shorts as they have a tie inside to help keep them up, also they have more room for maneuver.


I've just bought a skort but haven't tried it yet -the rain arrived the same day as the package, so it's still in the drawer. Will report back eventually when it's had a couple of outings.


I bought a pair of Puma shorts on holiday last year and they tick all your boxes. They also have a zip at the back for a key, cash, etc so they are perfect. Not sure who stocks Puma here but maybe you could look online.

For my short layers around my face I use little flat clips. A friend bought them for me and I think she got them in Sweaty Betty but I'm sure you could get them anywhere. Just make sure they're flat as ordinary hair grips just fall out.


Oh hair! 😠

It used to really annoy me and I remember posting on here in despair and getting about 50 replies!

In the end, I actually grew it a bit longer so that it will go into a pony tail properly. Still have to try and co-ordinate hair washes and runs though - nightmare because it adds to the time you need to set aside!

I only wear capris but would think it possible to get something similar but shorter in the leg?


I too am struggling with shorts. Wearing men's ones as I'm not brave enough for tight Lycra but they ride up and are horrid polyester. I'm bracing myself to get some brooks 7" chaser shorts but the price is making me think twice! As for hair, mine is just a bit longer than short and the fringe gets in my way. I go for a little twiddle of a hair elastic making a mini ponytail/ bunch up in the air. Looks horrific, but then again, what's new?! I did think about a visor this week- keeps the sun off, the head cool, the hair out of the way and the sweat off the face. How about the mini ponytail thing plus a visor? In for a penny, in for a pound!


I have some long lycra shorts (running tight style) that I like: amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00...

I couldn't be doing with anything looser to be honest as they would ride up on me!

I have just got a fringe and layered for the first time in ages and I don't really like wearing caps because it gets so very sweaty (my hair is very thick) so at the moment I stick in about 6 or 7 kirby grips and hope for the best (never seems quite enough)


Thank you all very much, ladies. I'm going to try our local Nike outlet shop for shorts and also the website Mr-Fit-the-Husband uses (he likes Salomon stuff) and have a look around for Puma ones as well. I'm not a skirt person so don't think I'll do down the skort route :) I've got a Buff so will try that first and if that doesn't work will just look like a crazy wobbling middle-aged female with crazy hair (ie bunches/hair grips probably sticking out at 90 degree angles!). But then, what's new? Do I care? No! At least I'm not horizontal on a couch :D

Let's hope the sun makes its presence felt on a more permanent basis soon ...

Happy running everyone.


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