Too soon to do a Jubilee fun run?

I'm on week 6 run 2 (tomorrow) and finding it ok ( much better when it's not very hot!). On Sunday there is a 3k fun run round the local park and I was thinking about registering.

Monday will be week 7 run 1 so I could do it at the fun run on Sunday instead? End of week 6 is Friday so I will still have a day rest.

I covered over 2 miles on my 20 minute run on Friday, so I think 3k should be ok.

What do you experienced people think!

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  • I think there is a clue in 'fun' - this sounds like it will be ok to run / walk / run. You are more than up to running the distance anyway. Go have a ball!

  • Do it and send us all a match report!

  • Go for it! Just go slow and walk if you need to.

    Let us know how you get on. I wish there was one near me to do.

  • I think this sounds like great fun! And it's nice that it isn't too long. I bet there will be folk of all ages and shapes doing this, and think how nice it'll be to mark the long weekend by doing something special! Go for it!

  • Go for it! :)

  • Why miss something that you will never get the chance of again in your lifetime. Its a FUN run, if you have to walk a bit so what. Don't miss this because you haven't finished this programme. Good luck, enjoy and let us know how you get on. :)

    Anyone else who has a similar run 3 or 5K give it a go, you can walk some of it if you need to, listen to your body, that means legs as well. Just have FUN 8-)

  • Ok, I have sent off the registration form!

    I have decided to raise some money for a special charity, too. I can't back out then!

    Thanks for the encouragement!

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