How do I fit in a third run?

Hello. I'm on week four and things are going well. I ran today, but I am busy all the way through Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so can't do my third run properly spaced this week (I really can't).

Is it better to take a long break until Monday and do run three then (I'll be doing some walking at the weekend), or to run two days in a row this week? Thank you


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7 Replies

  • Run Monday, just do the runs asap as you can fit them in, don't run back to back always have a rest day while doing c25k...

  • I would have the break. You need a rest day ☺

  • Take the long break. It'll feel good to get out there again Monday.

  • Monday will be fine. Don't worry😊

  • Thanks, everyone

  • The 'week' means nothing - it is simply a set of three outings and you might do those every other day (so some weeks you might have 4 runs, the next 3) or when life gets in the way or you need more non-running days, longer than a week.

  • Thanks again, everyone. I managed to sneak in a run on Friday after all. I 'relaxed' with a ten mile hike on Saturday, then had a quiet day on Sunday. Today I started on week 5. It looks daunting, but day 1 went well.

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