big fun run

when I graduated c25k I booked myself on the Birmingham Big Fun Run and today was the big day. The run was at cannon hill park at 11:00, I decided to do the CH parkrun first, 'cos that seems to be what I do. I equalled my pb, which is slightly frustrating.

So I then did the fun run, which wasn't timed, so I used my garmin. Ran it in 28:50 :) I can't record it as a pb, but it'll do. On both runs I latched onto someone running very slightly faster than me and kept pace with them. I wondered if this was rude? What do you think? One lady found me after the run and thanked me. I think I kept her running as much as she kept me running.

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  • Well done, fantastic time! Don't think it was rude at all, woukdn't worry about that. She probably enjoyed you there spurring here on :-)

  • Wow great times & especially doing 2 runs in a row!

    My last PR (&PB) I "used" the woman in front of me as my target to beat. I didn't beat her in the end but I went over afterwards & told her what I'd been doing. I think she was pretty chuffed. I know I would've been if it was me.

  • Nothing wrong with that rm , I would guess it happens all the time :) That is a great time sub really well done

  • Well done. Glad you had a good day!

  • Well done you.

    I've followed people who seem to be doing a good pace. I went to chat to one person afterwards and she didn't seem to mind. I'd be happy if I was being used as a pacemaker.

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