When do you run?

Hello everyone. This may be daft but if you run 3 times a week, there is more than one rest day between each run (if you include the weekend)! right? I seem to always be in the mood on Sunday mornings. does that mean I should do Wednesday, Friday and Sunday?

I have been REALLY inconsistent in the last 3 weeks and would like to establish a routine.. any advice?


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12 Replies

  • Hi I usually run on tues, Friday and Sunday as I dance on Thursdays and try and swim at least 2 of the other days, but it's really what fits you best, in the early weeks I found that those days suited me best as the non running days are important for your body to heal ready for the next bout.

    Listen to your body and you won't go wrong. If you like the Sunday morning runs try and fit your routine around that.

    Have a great day

  • I vary to be honest as my other commitments change each week. I try to run every Monday but then after that it's sometimes one day in between, sometimes two. I don't always manage three runs a week, sometimes only two, so when I did my c2k it took me couple weeks longer. I suppose what I'm saying is do what fits you, as long as you are running regularly and there aren't massive gaps between runs you will be fine.

  • Agree with the other comments, do what works for you, your other commitments & your body. As long as you have a rest day in between runs it doesn't matter. It can help to have fixed days so you don't start dropping runs/getting off track. I run tues, thurs & Sunday mornings because I also love those Sunday runs when the park, etc is nice & quiet:)

  • You can do 3 runs one week and then four runs the next, which leaves you the sacred rest day in between

    Have fun!

  • I did alternate days all through the 9 c25k weeks but have now settled for Tues, Thurs and 1 weekend day, usually Sunday. Much prefer the set days because they have now become a routine part of my week.

  • I did alternate days throughout the programme and have stuck to it in the couple of weeks since I finished c25k. My sister, who started the same time as me, does mon weds fri as she likes to have 'weekends off'! I am getting to the point tho where I would like to run both sat and sun and have a more days in the week when I don't feel obliged to get up at 0500 to fit a run in before work! Basically, find a pattern that suits you and don't worry about what everyone else does. However do make sure you get your rest and recovery days in so you will reduce the risk of injury. Good luck, Clara :-)

  • I try to run three times a week but its not always possible. I tend to do Monday, Wednesday, Saturday with Saturday being my long run. :)

  • I generally do one interval session, one just run for the fun of it, and one longer run, then have two days off after that one. I guess for most people it would depend what other commitments they have with work and family etc

  • I'm on week 7. I do monday, wednesday and friday each week, always at 6am. When C25K is finished I'm thinking of doing the odd Saturday for longer runs.

  • Thanks to everyone who replied. I started a long time ago but I have not been very good at keeping up a rythym. I even went 10 days with running every day- but I soon burned out and didnt run for another 10 days,, So I am going to stick to fixed days. Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. That way I can really force myself to switch up the next week. I have done week 3 like 15 times!

  • AmsterNancy, You need to adapt to what suits you really. I don't think there's any fast rules. There are only suggestion.

    Because it's conveniet for me, I do the exercises at the gym in the afternoon on Moday, Wednesday and Thursday. yes, I leve the rest for other things like a coffee mornign with a chat to my friends and time for chess which I play (and loose) avidly! REst is as important to the body as the exercise is. I fyour body doesn't feel up to it, skip it one day, or another day. You'll feel better the next time.

    Better to take care of body, mind and soul, then to be devastated at one's result because you've lost courage. Do as you want, yo wil fare better. Take care, Mic

  • I run Monday's Wednesday Friday meaning I get rest in between and a weekend as well (very much needed now I'm increasing my distance) I used to run Tuesday Thursday Saturday but then found I was tired and wasn't having a lie in on Sunday. So change it up so you can run on a Sunday and see what happens xxx

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