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W9R3: My scenic graduation

Spent up to W8R1 running round and round a small park in London that I call the outside treadmill as it's so flat. So with trepidation on whether I could actually run anywhere else, set off on holiday, Laura & Garmin safely packed.

W8R2, R3 - I did these in the grounds of a ruined priory in Yorkshire, I chased rabbits, frightened pheasants and had a fantastic time running in and out of ruined monks cells in the early morning. Could it get better?

W9R1 - this was on a semi-deserted Northumberland beach, this time dodging waves as I ran along by the sea on the first really warm day. Fabulous run and did my best speed yet - ran about 4k in 30 mins. Beginning to think I could really finish. So headed north again to the Scottish Highlands and main worry where could I find somewhere reasonably flat.

Well I did - I found this fabulous spot covering several fields, surrounded on all sides by the highest mountains in Scotland. So watched by rabbits, sheep, and some walkers in the hottest weather of the year I completed the final two runs!!! In a wonderful completed unplanned symbolic finish - I completed the program less than a mile from where I grew up.

I did the final run without Laura as my ipod died - but I could never have done this without the NHS, NHS choices, Laura & all of you on this fantastic forum. Thank you all. You have been so supportive and kept me going.

Now looking forward to trying out running on some forestry tracks before heading back to London. Running will never be the same again after these wonderful scenic runs.

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O, Jenniej...what a lovely blog. Thank you so much for posting, and congratulations on completing the program.


Congratulations! What a wonderful way to graduate; you're very lucky!


Congratulations! Sounds like the perfect way to graduate :)


Congratulations, well done you. Ahhh that sounds just brilliant, if your up near the Cairngorms you really have picked one of the best spots in Scotland to graduate. There is some lovely forest tracks all around that area. Watch out for the wildlife, the haggis don't like being stood on especially by fast moving joggers that they have no chance of catching to get their own back!!!! :D


Wonderful wonderful post! I was reading somewhere that lots of beginners give up because they get bored as they run on the same route all the time! You showed them! Congratulations x


That sounds wonderful ! Well done !


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