Running with my mind elsewhere

Wk6 : I have been running without thinking, and finding I am way, way along my route already. 'Mindless running' I suppose. Weeks1-5 were done very much 'in the moment', complete concentration in listening to Laura's instructions and doing as told. Wk5R3 was done and I was so pleased with myself at being able to run 20 minutes. My joy was shortlived as the phone went 10 minutes after arriving home - it was the paramedics at my mom's and they were taking her into A&E. Last week was spent on motorways and at hospital. I stayed overnight at my mom's house, forgetting to pack moisturiser, toothbrush, mobile charger, but I did remember my running gear. Wk6 completed in a daze: on R2 Laura had been speaking and I hadn't caught what she was saying - oh! I'm finished I realised; at the start of R3 I couldn't even remember if I was on Wk5 or Wk6. Mom is still in hospital with a fabulous team taking care of her. The NHS is truly wonderful. Thank you NHS for looking after my mom. And thank you NHS for C25k. I'm not sure where I'd be without you.

Apologies for the rather 'selfie' post, but you have all been so supportive these past few weeks, I thought you wouldn't mind if I told you about my week.


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  • I'm sorry to hear your mother is poorly in hospital. It must be such a worry for you. Running is a good way of looking after yourself in all this. You need to be well for your mum at the moment. Running, it would seem, gives you time to think and helps to bring clarity. Must be something to do with oxygen flowing across the brain or some such thing (I'm not a doctor! You guessed!) We all need somewhere to escape to when the going gets tough, even if just for half an hour! Believe me it's easier to cope with situations with aged parents etc when you feel sane, and getting away for short spells is vital or you will go mad. I hope everything pans out for you and that your mum will be restored to health very soon. In the meantime, happy running!

  • Many thanks for your kind words. I think I was more 'wobble' than you last week. Running is certainly helpful to clear one's thoughts.

  • I'm glad you're mum is getting the care she needs - it must be incredibly worrying and hard at the moment, but at least that's one less worry.

    Running is a great way of clearing the mind and getting some "you" time. Well done for getting out there when it would be easy to find comfort in other distractions - and it sounds like your running is going well even while it's not on the top of your priorities.

  • You are right. Running has been a great distraction - keeping me focused on something positive . Mom now out of hospital, I'm on Wk7, and the sun is shining. Things are looking up :)

  • Great news, thanks for letting us know. Well done for keeping going with the running. Enjoy the sunshine :)

  • Sorry to hear that your mum is not well and that it's been causing you (understandably) a lot of worry. Much better to use the forum to offload a bit - we all need to get things off our chest at times. Use the running for some time to yourself. My very best wishes to you.

  • Your best wishes were most appreciated. I was waiting for something positive before coming back to you. Mom out of hospital and much better, I'm about to do Wk7r3 (I can't believe I can run 25 minutes although I am extremely slow ), and there's a beautiful blue sky this morning without a cloud to be seen. Here comes the sun ... :)

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