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hurrah i ve finally done it

i started in may but never actually did the final run for various reasons like not having a watch and moving to turkey but have been running regularly on a treadmill. yesterday i decided i was ready and ran 5000m in just under 30 minutes. i am well pleased with myself to say the least

this is a fantastic programe and without it i am sure i would have been able to keep running to thanks very much to the wonderful laura for helping me get through the hard bits especially the week where you suddenly run for 20 minutes

and thanks too for all the messages on here so i knew i was not alone


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Congratulations, that's a respectable time for a first 5k, well done :)


Really well done! You are not alone. That sounds spooky or perhaps that's just my imagination.


i thought x files as soon as i read your comment but actually i did feel i wasnt the only one doing the programe and i wish even more people would do it as i feel so much better for doing it


Know what you mean there. There been some ideas put forward on how to publicise it more. We were thinking of posters in doctors surgeries but word of mouth seems good. Feels so good to run. I would never have said that 4 months ago.


Congratulations on graduating, and in such a good time too :)


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