Week 2 day 3 - Making the legs WORK!

Week 2 day 3 - Making the legs WORK!

I did the last day of week 2 on Friday and it wasn't great. We decided to run somewhere different because it's closer than where we normally go and while it was nice and peaceful (we were the only souls there) it was bumpy, uneven and some of the grass was quite high which made it difficult to run through.

My legs were aching by the third run and even though my breathing was fine and I felt like I could do it continue my legs were burning to the point where I wanted to stop. Wanted to...but didn't! :)

My legs haven't ached this much before to the point where I wanted to lie down and be carried home. I was seriously feeling it but managed to do all the segments without stopping (apart from the walking bits of course) and after a while the aching lessend so you really do have to push through.

Do any others run on uneven terrain or is that not really advised for beginners? I read in 'Womens running' that it can be better for your legs to run on uneven terrain rather than flat pavements?

Keep it up everyone! Week 3 Day 1 tonight for me :D


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9 Replies

  • The only problem with running on uneven terrain is the possiblity (very real) of turning an ankle, stepping in a hole, or tripping over something unseen. Which, as you may imagine, can lead to a nasty fall. Not only opens the possibility of injury, but adds a level of tension(?) to the entire run that doesn't seem to me to be conducive to relaxed running. On the positive side, it will "work" more muscles than running on tarmac.

    I, personally, avoid running in grass. I WILL do the 5 minute walk up/downs in grass if it isn't wet just for that purpose of loosening up those muscles that otherwise don't see much action.

    Good luck and keep running!

  • Thanks for the reply :) What you've said makes total sense and maybe it's best we go back to flat ground for the time being. Especially since our legs are still getting used to running :) and I don't want to get an injury when I can do something to try and avoid it by running on even terrain lol!

    Thanks :)

  • Sounds like you had a good workout! I always run on pavements and roads, although it's fairly hilly where I live. What you did sounds way too much like hard work!

    We're at the same stage by the way - I'm tackling week 3 tomorrow! Good luck tonight :)

  • You're right mumtum, a walk in the park it was not lol :D

    It's nice finding people on here who are at the same stage. How did you find week 3 day 1 then? :)

  • It went ok actually, although it was very humid and I got attacked by flies half way through the first 3 min run which was lovely! :( It definitely spurred me on though! How did your run go?

  • Well done on pushing through! I stuck to the treadmill till week 8 run 1, I was so self conscious for one thing, and also thought I had better try and do it in as controlled an environment as possible as I knew that my heart, lungs and legs would have enough of a challenge as it was, let alone adding "interesting" terrain to the mix!

  • LOL! Thanks Deryn61 :) I do like a challenege but I won't be running there again any time soon :D

    Congratulations on graduating btw ;)

  • I did the same as you at about the same stage of the programme. A field behind our house that I used to walk our dog on seemed ideal because of time limitation for me and proximity. It was the worst run ever, by the time I had started I was soaked up to the knees as the grass was longer than I thought and the field certainly more uneven than I remembered!! Through sheer determination I finished and at one point just missed out on tripping over a branch in a hole hidden by the grass. Never again!! Be careful I think until you are fitter and alot more experienced to tackle those cross-country terrains; surfaces that you can see properly i.e. pavements, parks, playing fields etc., are much safer.

    My thought at the end of 'that' run, was I was lucky not to injure myself and then I would have had all the excuses under the sun not to continue with the programme. That I didn't want to do. I'm now on W7 and glad that I am pushing on. Good luck, there are lots of places that are fun to run.

  • Thanks BettyTwinkle :) It's annoying because that place is closer to us but travelling a short distance is better than risking an injury eh especially when we've all worked so hard to keep to the program! :) Well done on getting to week 7! You'll be a graduate in no time! Keep it up! :D

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