Week 2 run 3 5K2WKW (one of the best yet!)

Week 2 run 3 5K2WKW (one of the best yet!)


First off, please leave a quick reply saying 'yes' if you want me to keep this up. I'm writing them to keep a record for myself and provide encouragement that others can achieve at least the same. I do tend to wonder if they do any more than record it though.

Right, this run was great. Better than the last one and I can only hope the same can be said for week 3 of my 5K2WKW. 5/5 *s easily. Another nice run (which will be the last for at least months) here at Centerparcs Sherwood Forest.

The difference was settling into a pace. It felt as if my legs were just moving on and on and my upper body was just there to give my legs some weight to carry. I had some trouble breathing now and then but I think it's because I was a) singing along to a new playlist of music I was much more familiar with than 'ministry of sound running trax' and b) there were a good few hills. I started off running 1km in 4:30 which was completely bizarre given my determination to just keep a steady pace (I can't manage 7.5k running 4:30 each km!

Had I not been on this regime I would have carried on and who knows where I'd have finished. What was wonderful was pushing myself for the last km. My slowest was around 5k but at 7k I was managing 4:52 per KM and I managed 7 - 7.5 in 2:23.

From the start I wanted to run rather than jog at the end and it was really great to have the energy to do so.

That + the badminton we've played today means my legs are utterly nackered but I've got a renewed sense of confidence for next week.

Oh and the photo. I was out this morning taking pictures of the lake, which was covered in mist. Had various ducks not been on it is easy to imagine it was just space and the edge of the land was a cliff edge. I'll use it next post I think. The geese had been still but then started walking/ waddling towards me at a steady pace and didn't look like they were going to stop. Being near the lake we get a lot of wildlife (particularly squirrels (aka Squiggles), swans, geese + various other birds.

Thanks for your time.

Warmest running regards,



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11 Replies

  • YES! Sounds fabulous, very well done. You are super speedy and I am very jealous ;)

  • Thank you so much for your reply - means a lot knowing people like to read about my progress. I will investigate whether there is a means of following you (I think there is) and do so asap.

    Please don't be jealous - I'm not sure how old you are but I've maintained a pretty good weight for the last few years by resisting with ease sugary food and (doing (not resisting)) exercising, and I'm (only (for some)) 26 years old. Merely by briskly walking to and from work every day I believe I achieve more than the government's present recommended amount of exercise. Everything else is the cherry on top (though as above I'd try not to eat it (ha)).

  • Yes, please keep posting. Love reading about other people's runs. Very inspirational for a newbie graduate.

    Love the photo!

  • Thanks Jay, and well done for graduating! The challenge now I imagine is whether you stay doing 5k 3 times a week or build it up to 10k. Even to me, now building my distance by 500m each week, a half marathon (about 21km I think) feels a long long way off.

    Hope you like the picture in the next post if you get a chance to read, as I say there you're welcome to a copy of any pictures I post (without my text layered over).

    Thanks again,


  • Keep posting.. great stuff.. really a tad envious of your speediness, but, hey, ho, this old bird will keep plodding along :)

    It sounds a fabulous place to run too... just watch out for those geese.. they look like they mean business :)

  • Thanks very much (I bet you're not that old)Oldfloss!

    Great knowing people you read my posts (can't track it unless people like/ comment) and I hope this inspires you to just keep moving. My average doesn't really reflect how the run has gone. At one point I was averaging 5:56 per KM and at other times 4:20. As I have said above (in another reply) I'm 26 years old. I don't think I'll be managing this time into my 30s and 40s, never mind further on.

    The geese waddle as if they are some sort of bouncer within the birds. Slow but with meaning. The way they were all grouped up too before one looked over and they all followed without making any sound really set my imagination running. I wish I'd taken a video. I've no doubt they meant business :) Good thing I got away in time!

  • Yes and I love Sherwood Forest Center parcs as well, our son had a great time there last week

  • Thanks so much Jogitt! :) We had a lovely time and to be in a spot so close to the lake was lovely. Costs are somewhat prohibitive to be going as often as we may like though. In September it's around 2k for Fri-Mon which seems ridiculous. How they get the demand lord knows.

    I'm glad your son had a nice time there, I would consistently recommend every do it once. We've stayed in one of the 'treehouses' once which was nice.

    I hope your running is going at least as well as mine (generally - see my next post if you have a spare few mins) is.

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Mike, running slowly but three times most weeks, I need to get myself some sort of gadget for my wrist so I know my times and distance, I run on a treadmill most of the time but will get outside when the weather improves and this is when I will need something for more information, not great with technology but I am sure I will figure things out given time. I love reading all the posts on here but do not very often put anything myself. I have been running to the C25K+ podcasts but at the moment have taken a break from them and just running to music.

    Your times are great, mine are much slower but I am nearly 40 years older than you, that's my excuse and I am sticking to it, 👣 off to look at you latest post, bye for now 😀😀

  • Hi Mik

    Your pace is remarkably similar to mine. I'm wondering whether your posts are better suited to the "Bridge to 10k" community - many from here are on there.

    Found here: healthunlocked.com/bridgeto10k


  • Thanks a lot John - have now followed that community and posts from hereon will be there too. Much appreciated,


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