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Week 2 Day 2 - Who's this confident lady? :)

Week 2 Day 2 - Who's this confident lady? :)

The run I had on Wednesday was brilliant; the sun was shining (I know - Still!)and I felt like it's the most focused I've been so far. I really tried to push myself on this run as I found it, well, not 'easy' on Monday but not as bad as I thought it'd be, so I wanted to push myself that little bit more just so I know I'm really working at it!

I also wanted to mention one big, BIG difference I've noticed in me so far from doing this - a major boost to my confidence... :D

I used to suffer pretty bad with social anxiety, it was near impossible for me to leave the house alone and I hated, hated, hated crowds and any attention that was drawn to me. I had counselling and learnt methods to help me cope but it has never really fully gone away (I don't think it really can) but I think running is helping me to feel more confident in myself. I have been going to more social events and I generally just feel calmer, especially after I've been for a run. Now, it does help that I have someone to run with, but I'm hoping that the more I get into this and the more progress I make that one day I'll be able to venture out on my own - confident, fit and with a smile on my face :)

To anyone else who may be suffering from anxiety (any form) stick with running cause along with the many other benefits we'll reap from it, it's meant to work wonders for anxiety, and that's gotta be worth the effort eh :)

Has anyone else felt a boost from running?

Onto week 2 Day 3 tonight - wooo! :)

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Wonderful that you are feeling that way. I'm at week 5 and you do find that your self-esteem soars.


Thanks for the reply :) This running business really is great for your self-esteem!! I hope it continues throughout the program :)

How are you getting on with week 5? & well done for getting there! :D


It's great to hear that you are already gaining in confidence; it will just get better and better!

I also struggle with crowds and social occasions, so it has taken me a long time to pick up the nerve to run in a race or anything; 18 months of running actually. But my confidence is still growing day by day, so it's not just a short term fix, but a long term plan :) Running has completely changed everything for the better.

Enjoy your run tonight. I'm due to run too but I may wait until dark because of the heat!


It's really hard to cope with social anxiety as it can and often does affect everything, so I'm glad running is helping your confidence too :)

I'm very fortunate that I have someone to run with while doing the c25k, had I not have, I know I wouldn't have even started it yet and I wouldn't be here writing to you now. I definately feel different in myself and while I am by no means anxiety free, I sure do feel a lot better :)

Congratulations on graduating (I can't wait to have one of those badges) and enjoy your run too ;)


This is a brilliant post - and very inspiring! Sounds like you are making great progress. I also think that doing this programme makes me feel more "interesting" - like, I have a hobby to talk about with strangers I meet. Plus, I find I can't really think about much aside from how I'm running when I'm out - so it tends to silent the negative voices in my head a bit! Good luck!


Thank you SaCI! :) I know what you mean about feeling more interesting, it seems I can't stop myself from talking about the program and bragging that I can run for a full minute and a half! Teehee :D

And it does seem to block out any negative voices too - I concentrate on my pace, breathing, the music....and the lovely male runners who pass by ;)

Congratulations on graduating - I'll be there soon enough :)


What a lovely blog, Rosey. It's brilliant that you're experiencing so many benefits so soon in the program. I have also found my confidence growing, it's great for stress and anxiety. I started off on the treadmill because I wasn't confident enough to be seen outside running - this week, I felt confident enough to join a running club. I was a bit anxious beforehand but people were friendly and I had a great time, I'm even starting to wonder if one day I might find the nerve to try a race !


Thank you sfb350! It's lovely to know that you've got the confidence to join a running club! It amazing how much a lack of confidence can hinder us from doing things we'd really enjoy. How are you finding it?

I'm pretty confident that soon enough I'll read a blog about your first race ;)


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