Week 8, run 2. Who cares about speed?

A gorgeous sunny, cold autumn day this morning. Working from home I'm lucky to be able to choose when I run, so I set off about 11am and was able to finish with a swim in the pond along the golden reflection of the sun. Apparently, some people swear by ice baths to reduce injury - perhaps that is why, apart from a couple of cramps, I've avoided injuries (touch wood.) More likely it's my very, very slow running.

I plotted my last run more accurately on mapometer.com and found that I'd run 3.19k in 28 minutes, which didn't seem so bad. I realised I'm more concerned about doing the time and ending my run at the right place so I can have a swim straight away. I really don't feel the need to go any faster. When I started sailing everyone told me you have to race to improve, but I hated it. I feel the same way about running - for me it's much more about the view, the fresh air, the trees and the grass, and the sense of freedom. Can't believe it's the last week next week.


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12 Replies

  • Well done you, got my W8R1 in about an hour, hope I make it too. So, we'll be graduating together!

  • How'd it go Delia????

  • Brilliant. How did it go? Are you sticking with Laura? Doe the music get any better?

  • No it doesn't!

  • Thought not - that's why I did my graduation run yesterday by the sea with no music at all - just the sound of the waves crashing. Will blog about it tomorrow.

  • A swim in the pond? Wow! Your time is great too! It's good if you can free yourself from the stats though, and just enjoy the elements.

    The end of this programme is just the beginning! Good luck!

  • Blimey, you must be made of stern stuff! I swim daily, but in a nice, warm leisure facility. Dont think I much fancy swimming in a pond! I might do it in my scuba kit, drysuit and wooly bear. Well done though. Future iron woman competitor methinks.

  • No way - I'm strictly a modern triathlon woman - drive, run , swim! At this time of year it's barely a swim unless you want hypothermia - more of a dip.

  • Hi Londongirl... aka Iron Woman... WOW!! Are you swimming at the Hampstead ponds??? Hope it won't get to the point you have to break the ice :-)!

    Anyway, just did W8R1 yesterday and loved it - amazed tho'!

    I agree with the running to be outdoors, my partner asked about the cold weather when it snows here... we couldn't afford a running machine but I'm sure I wouldn't use it. The reason I started this was because I love being outdoors and don't always have time to climb the mountains each week so running seemed to call to me as a way of enjoying the wonderful air and scenery.

    I find timings interesting basically because, at the age of 54, I've never ever run before - not even at school so it bamboozles me a little to see that I'm actually managing this :-)!!

    Anyway, when I get in the shower and have my freezing water treatment at beginning and end, I'll think of you doing it in nature. I could get into the alpine river here but the temps are already below freezing soooo not too sure about that..

    Good luck with Run 3 and so many of us will be finishing W8 this week so here's to you and your biathalon, Sara :-)

  • londongirl19 you are amazing. You also have the right mindset-not a race! Swimming in the pond can only be Hampstead Heath, brrrrrrr. You are one brave soldier.

    Look forward to your Grad week blogs-as a newbie Graduate.

    Good luck with the rest of your runs/swims :-)


  • The advice given often here is to take a cold shower after running to help the muscles...I guess you are doing that by taking a dip in a freezing pond! I must tell you I am totally amazed and respect you for doing so! There is no way I would even attempt it! I am a hot water girl! :-) Wishing you a successful end to week 8 and onwards to grad week! Gayle

  • In the summer I was really swimming - about 400 metres going right around the gorgeous pond twice - but when the water temperature drops below 12C they bring in the rope lines to reduce the swimming space and time people stay in the water. It's a sensible precaution as hypothermia does strange things to your mind and it would be easy not to notice until your limbs stop moving. When it is very cold there are machines that keep the water moving so there is always a small part that doesn't freeze over. (The men's pond doesn't need these as the water temperature there is always 2 degrees higher; I thought this was because they peed in it more, but apparently it's because it has less trees around it so it gets more sun.) I didn't used to understand why anyone would want to subject themselves to the cold water if they weren't getting the benefits of a real swim but now I realise it's addictive. Some of the women who come every day have been doing it for years and swear they never get colds or flu, and it really lifts their mood for the rest of the day. I don't know if I'm going to keep it up all winter but once you stop it's hard (and rather dangerous) to start again if your body isn't acclimatised to the cold water. I'm sure it must be helping my knees though, they are definitely stronger since I started running. Last run of Week 8 today...

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