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Week 1 Run 2

Full of cold,but still dragged my sorry ass to the park this morning. I thought I would blow away the cobwebs with my second run. Disaster nearly stopped me in my tracks when i could not find the podcast on my phone. Managed to find a very basic plan downloaded it and away i went.

Getting out a little later in the morning i could feel the temperature rising but carried on.

With the basic podcast with no music i could hear my breathing getting heavier and heavier.

With the temperature nearly in hitting 21 degrees (7am) my heart pumping my breathing laboured and my throat as dry as sandpaper .

I had to make the decision to stop!!

As i slowed down i took my last 3 runing steps 1 . 2 .... thr as the padcast announced to me"WELL DONE TIME TO COOL DOWN!!".

My Mood instantly changed again being really upset that i had to give up to WOW how good was that. Maybe i can do this course.

Maybe running full of cold was not the best idea but i seem to be breathing better after the run.

I will go out a little but early in the next few runs as the warm weather seem to effect me today,

But Hey Week 1 Run 2 DONE!!


PS That colour really suits you!!

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Well done!!


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