Couch to 5K

Week 2 run 1 - Report

I am pleased to report that I did it. I was dreading it and even took 2 days rest from my last run (WK1-R3) because I was feeling a little stiff around the knees and I have had problems in my past with dislocations of the knee. It was probably a wise decision I think as I am feeling pretty good all round right now.

I was unsure how well I would make the transition from 60 sec run to a 90 sec one but I didn't find it any more difficult than week 1's runs. I did feel tired at the end but I am in a bit of a high that I seem to be sticking with it.

I took someones recommendation of making sure I had something to eat and drink before my run and it worked - no dizziness this time.

I have also lost a few pounds in weight too as a bonus as I am carrying about 7 pounds too much at the moment. I am not worrying about that though as I am pretty sure it will melt away gradually.

I find when I have made the decision to run I begin to phsyc myself up for it.

I listened to my own music. It's Latin American so a great tempo to run to I find.

Having a little rest now and a drink.

Thanks for your help and support.

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Congrautulations! sound like you doing really well, the music sounds like fun! Good luck for your next runs.............. :)


Well done to you! Keep it going! I am doing week 2 as well? I did week 2 run 2 Last night?

I still need Laura though. I do wish she would count faster! Her 90 seconds are 120 seconds by my speed!


Barry, I did feel like that for the first runs - I wanted to check the app was still running it seemed to take so long! However, the last run went well and I seemed to find my stride so I felt I could have carried on. Hopefully that means I am a little bit fitter. :)


I am doing wk 2 run 2 tomorrow, I definitely noticed the difference from week 1, god only knows how I will step up to week 3.


Since I posted this I have moves on and am in week 4. The program is very good and prepares you going forward. You will do fine x


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