Couch to 5K

W5R2 Done

Well W5R2 off the to-do list! Yippee! With the runs getting longer I was really trying to concentrate on my pace as I have a habit of setting off way too fast and there was no way I could not sustain that pace for 8 minutes let alone any longer. What a difference, the two runs were not particularly easy but were manageable and a big confidence boost ahead of the dreaded W5R3 planned for the weekend. I know this will be a hard run but now starting to look forward to the challenge which is really quite worrying.

Been varying my route each week so for W5 it is round the local harbour and it is really quite a nice location with a bit of a breeze just to cool things off even later at night, the only problem is it gravel in places which makes it a bit more difficult underfoot but no real problems – oh and it is flat as I am trying to avoid hills at the moment! One of the great things about this plan has got me out and about and seeing different parts of the town and having a great time wondering where to go next, another two routes planned already……..

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You will do great on wk 5 r 3. Just see it as a way to prove to yourself how awesome you are and go extra easy and slow. I was very nervous before that run, but once I started, it all fell into place. You can do it!


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