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W5R2 done!


Wow - never, ever thought I'd be able to run for 8 minutes without stopping, I felt so chuffed when i got home. The first 8 minutes felt tough as the start of my route is on a slight incline and towards the end I could definitely feel it. I go running on the country lanes around me and very rarely see anyone else along there other than the odd car. As I was doing my slow plod on the first 8 minutes, I got overtaken by a much faster runner and felt a bit disheartened but reminded myself that I've only been running for 5 weeks and as I long as I kept going at this point that was the main thing. Then during the 5 minute walk, another runner came towards me with two gorgeous very happy spaniels. It was sods law that I then passed him on the way back whilst I was doing my warm down walk so it looked like all I'd been doing was going for a stroll :) 

Overall I was really nervous about this run as definitely didn't think I had it in me - it's such a confidence boost when you hear Laura tell you've finished. Also, I've noticed my recovery time has improved so much since week 1

Feeling quite wobbly about w5r3 on Thursday morning but will give it my best shot

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You'll be great! Keep up the good work 😀

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Thanks Vivster :)


Sounds to me like you done really well.. and I'm pretty sure any runner out there started off just the same as us.. .. you probably made their day thinking of how far they have come and what they have achieved.. just like you.. So proud of your journey so far.. 

Will be looking forward to seeing your post from that 20 minutes run at the end of week 5!  I cried happy tears.. you will do great! Just keep going as you are x good luck x

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Thanks Sparky - I'm looking forward to the happy tears moment. I realised yesterday that when Laura said I'd finished I was grinning like a crazy cheshire cat! And then to top it off when she said you should feel proud of yourself, I literally answered out loud that I did...thankfully there was no-one around to hear that! x

Sparky66 is so right! I've just done W2R2 today, and your post has given me such a boost. Well done! Keep going!

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Thanks Niggit - keep going, it really is a great programme and the sense of achievement you get when you finish each stage is amazing! x


You are doing brilliantly. I'm on week 7 and felt exactly the same as you about that 20 minute run. It seemed to go a lot quicker than I thought it would. Good luck, you will be fine though :) 

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Thanks Anica - I felt the second 8 min run went quicker than I expected which I think is a good sign ;)

I regularly get overtaken by older runners, who to be fair look like they've been running for years.  Nice and slow is the key for the 20 minutes, and it goes go quicker than you think.  Good luck!

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Thanks LIsa, I think if I see them again I'll use them as inspiration and motivation rather than feeling like I should be keeping up (there's no way that's going to happen at the moment!) x

Seriously, never worry about other runners, pedestrians or car drivers. The point is that you are out there doing it. Most people are sat on their couch watching telly. When I did my first HM I was told my worst time will beat the PB of the person sat on the couch! Remember that!.

 I think running is the most selfish thing I have ever done. It's about me and how I feel about me. It's not about other people. I do it for me and me Alone. I am proud of that and always will be

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I'll definitely remember that, it's a great way of thinking! And yes, it did run through my mind (no pun intended!) that although they were much fitter and faster at least I was out doing something. They were both really friendly so it was  more in my head than anything else x


As someone who looks at least 10 years older than he really is, I love overtaking 'younger' runners...  I hate being overtaken by 12 year olds...  I think every runner respects other runners in reality!


You're doing fantastically! And the fact that you are even out there to be passed by other runners is brilliant! That's what I always think when people speed past me ;-) You'll be able to do the next run, trust in the plan, it works!

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I'm definitely starting to trust the plan more and more as the weeks go on - it's incredible! x 


Last Saturday I ran my first parkrun and I was overtaken by not just one but 108 faster runners... nonetheless I hit a new personal best and felt epic (even if I didn't save money on my insurance XP).

It's all a matter of perspective so don't worry about other runners and enjoy your personal successes. ;)

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Congrats on your first parkrun - hope you enjoyed it! And a huge well done on your new PB. Re the car insurance, I now have the ad music in my head - real earworm! :) x


Well done - you're doing great!

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Thanks Sarah :) x

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