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F****ing brilliant! (W7 / R2)

Day 48 // week 7, run 2 (again)

A few months ago I'd have never thought I'd say the words "run" and "f***ing brilliant" in the same sentence. But guess what? This run was f***ing brilliant!

I notice that I enjoy the evening runs a lot more. It was already getting dark when I went out and by the time I was home, it was completely dark. That's also the reason why I didn't continue on. Otherwise I'd have probably made it to either 5k or 30 minutes. Instead I ran 28 minutes and 4,11 km. But that was so good! i took a new route, nearly immediately found my rhythm and it was pure joy. But then I rememberd that I got over-convident at this time last time too - I ran 32 minutes instead of the required 28 - and then wasn't able to complete the 30 minutes run more than twice. I'm not going to make that mistake again and stick to the plan from now one.

But if all the following runs go as good as the one today, I don't know where I'll end up running! I'm still beaming.

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:) Nice one Suzi


Good running- great when things go well, isn't it? :)


Well done, brilliant feeling eh, keep going and good luck!!!


Great Suzi, well done!


You naughty sweary person ! Very well done :-)


Well done, Suzi!


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