Couch to 5K

Heatwave pandemonium

Just finished run 2 of week 8 in 27 degrees! The options today were try and get up at 6am, or go for a run when my wife gets in from work, well couldn't get my butt out of bed this morn, did help been my day off, and limited on time slots with having a little boy. Anyway, I decided on been insane and went out in the scorching heat. I wasn't beat by the heat, found my run enjoyable in a sadistic way, I must be getting the run bug. The only thing my water bottle depleted quickly, sunglasses kept slipping of my sweaty nose lol. Oh I also triumphed today, a bike club went out on along my route today , they were either going ridiculously slow, or I've got magic shoes but I wasn't too far behind. Oh even I cold shower didn't help to cool be down when I got home. But hey still smiling, enjoying the programme, and 28mins didn't seem too hard today, practically did 5k , another min is have got passed it. Hope everyone else is still enjoying their runs.

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Haha! I joined a running club earlier this week and ended up running further than I've done before - not only did I have to worry about sunglasses slipping off my nose but they kept steaming up too !

Well done !


Tell me bout it! Well, I also went out in about 27 degree heat around 6pm - missed the morning slot and went out to see friends this evening. It was hard, I'm not accustomed to the heat so I decided not to run the whole way - but to stop for a brief walk and a drink whenever I needed. I was a mess when I got back! But looking at the map, even though I didn't run constantly, I still covered a total of 4.5k - I think it's important to just keep listening to your body... and I'm finally gone back to my normal colour again!


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