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For many reasons, none of them good enough, I didn't want to run today. But I have committed to running three times a week so I went to the gym. All I can say about today's run is that I did it. I have been feeling less than myself since last week because of things going on in my life, and I could push them away on Friday but today they just weighed heavily on my mind and I didn't enjoy the run. I was just going through the motions of running, but I wasn't paying attention to or enjoying any of it. It took 15 minutes for me to get into a better frame of mind, which left me with only 5 minutes to enjoy it before my legs started feeling heavy for the last 5. I didn't stop, slow down or speed up (although I did sneak a peek at the timer a couple of times) - I just ran until the treadmill ran out and didn't feel any better after either. No high from running or from reaching week 8. So I completed the run and week 7, but that's about it. Oh I got two PBs - fastest mile and km.

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In a way, that is not necessary a bad thing; it could indicate that running is not anymore an "exciting novelty" but it has become an integral part of your everyday life, with all its ups and downs.

I am sorry to read you are going through a tough period; I wish you all the best.

Shivani05Graduate in reply to secan

Thanks secan.

secanGraduate in reply to Shivani05

You're welcome. ;)


Hi Shivani, I really hope things get better for you soon. I suppose not every run will end with the same buzz especially when we're feeling low. You have achieved so much and only 2 weeks away from graduation! Your posts have really helped motivate me...oh and well done on your two PBs :)


Come on...:)

You did brilliantly and I agree with secan, you did it despite feeling weighed down.

So... you will come through this time...be kind to yourself..there were reasons that were good enough not to run...you know why you feel as you do. But you did run.

Use your running to get you through and to finish what you started.

Just remember, Shivani...

It doesn't matter how slowly you go, or why... as long as you don't stop

We are all here, right behind you. x

Shivani05Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you floss. One day at a time.


Hi Shivani! I felt exactly the same way in my last run (W7R3), my anxiety made me think that I wouldn't be able to finish, but I did it after all! I guess what's important is that regardless, we ran! It won't always be great but I do think that even though you didn't feel the high after, your day was still better because of it!


It's hard to always convey the right sentiment in a message but I'm sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time. It sounds like you may be experiencing it for a while and that maybe things like the running could easily be put aside or overwhelm you. I don't want to sound flippant but I hope that you can use your running to help 'keep you going', to help keep a routine and to allow a set-aside time for you xx You might not feel elated at the end of a run but hopefully it will help keep your mental state 'up' through these times. Best wishes xx

Shivani05Graduate in reply to jt24

Thanks. You don't sound flippant. I had hoped the run would help me feel better, because it did exactly that on Friday, so I was disappointed when it didn't. Oh well, one day at a time I guess. For both running and letting go of what's been getting me down.


Hi Shivani, I'm sorry to hear last weeks issues are still affecting you, we all wish you well and hope this troubled time soon passes.

We are so used to your enthusiasm it's hard to imagine you feeling down. I hope this is something you overcome quickly, because you will overcome whatever obstacles are currently in your way, or at least learn to live with them.

Sending you a virtual hug and congratulations on two more PB's.

Shivani05Graduate in reply to Slowstart

Thanks Slowstart. One day at a time.

Oh well done Shivani, perservering and getting through it when you really didn't feel up to it. You are nearly there now. You have come so far and graduation is within your grasp. Sometimes life throws us curve balls and those are the times it is hardest to carry on but you did it. You're a champion :)

Shivani05Graduate in reply to boptillyoudrop49

Never thought of myself as a champion before :) thanks for that

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