Week 5 Run2 - proud ? You bet!

Well I did it ,wasn't sure I could and nearly bottled out this morning,but I went anyway deciding I could just turn it into a good walk with the dog if it got too much .

Turned out it wasn't too much ....I did it ! ....and when Laura said at the end that I should be proud of myself,well I was.

Nearly had a Miranda's titchy assistant moment,whipping out the mask and singing "What have you done today etc etc",but didn't want to risk scaring the residents and my neighbours of this sleepy little French village,besides it would have definitely traumatised the dog.

So I just did the cool down walk with a big smile on my face and several hours later its still there :) Now I've just got to face R3 on Friday.Wish me luck x


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15 Replies

  • Excellent!! Well done!

    I'm chuckling at the thought of you pulling the mask out singing that!! But that's how I feel after a good run!

    Good luck for the big one! You'll smash it no doubt!

  • Oh thankyou so much Jefna, for your support and good wishes.I'll give it my best shot !

  • Well done, Carolecal, I've fallen behind you because of an injury, planning to get back out there tomorrow night.

  • Hi squaremum, I'm really sorry you've not been able to get out there lately.Hope you manage to run tomorrow....take it easy though, won't you ? Thanks for taking the time to reply, I do appreciate it. Best of luck for tomorrow :)

  • Well done, that's great! If you've managed W6R2 you will be able to do the 20 minute run.

    Pace yourself & good luck!

  • Hi Scipio,thanks for that -just need to try and not be intimidated by the thought of TWENTY WHOLE MINUTES !!

    Thanks for the advice :)

  • Of course I meant W5R2!! Good luck tomorrow!

  • Haha -you moved me up a stage there,but I realised what you meant ! Thankyou for your good wishes ...getting a bit nervous now due to the heat.Need to get out nice and early.

  • You're right about feeling pleased with yourself - I have been the same having managed to complete all 3 runs from Week 4 without collapsing in a sweaty gibbering mess and now it's Week 5 Run 1 for me today. Bit apprehensive but I'll get my kit on when I get home from work and go out anyway!!

  • Hello Mrs M ! Well done on getting this far-it's really not been easy in the heat,has it ?

    Good luck with W5 R1 this evening ...you'll do it I'm sure !

  • The run went great. I even ran the final 5 minutes with a big grin on my face!!! It was quite clammy as well because it had been raining but hadn't cooled down much, but I took a drink with me and paced myself as best I could.

    Run 2 of Week 5 tonight. Sure I can manage it. Am hoping to join in the Hanley Parkrun next Saturday - a full 5k!

  • Yes you can !!! ...oooh and a park run next week, let us know how it goes !Have just posted about this morning's W5R3 ...it went well :)

  • I did W5R2 on Saturday morning as it was horribly hot and clammy when I was walking home on Friday, and was so pleased with myself I was grinning from ear to ear! W5R3 tonight and as it keeps raining on and off hopefully I won't be too hot. I'm also really looking forward to the park run; apparently it's very mixed abilities so if I have to slow down and walk some of it no one will notice :-)

    I also got myself some decent running shoes - Vivobarefoot so there's no cushioning and you land just behind the balls of your feet with shorter strides. Some people have said they were difficult to change to from normal running shoes but because I haven't been running long I haven't had any problems. I now have plans to get some trail running shoes so I can go offroad!!

  • Well done to you. I felt exactly the same. Beaming from ear to ear on Monday when I did wk5 run 2. I'm off out tomorrow for run three. Good luck for Friday for your run. Rfcx

  • Hi Rfc ,thank you very much .I'd love to hear how it goes tomorrow...you'll nail it I'm sure and you will be beaming even brighter, but good luck anyway! Thanks for your good wishes for Friday,I'm looking forward to it...I think !

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