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Week Two commences...new gear

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Just did my first run of week 2. Man bought me some new gear to run in today so I got out there before it got dark. I am going on a different route each time so I don't get bored and I managed to exceed my two mile goal and did 2.23 miles. Despite being tired after a late night last night and feeling a bit shoddy it weirdly felt easier than run 3 of week one. Wooo! Oh and my Uncle Steven who runs has suggested this great website to me

parkrun.org.uk which you may all may find interesting . I am hoping to do the one in Brueton Park Solihull WHEN I reach that 5K goal.

Hope you're all enjoying it so far too. You can follow me on Twitter @StaceInspire.


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Park Runs are definitely worth checking out when you are at that stage. Really makes you feel like a proper runner. Some of those same trappings of entering a race, lots of people but not too many, official times and a hooter to start!

But a really relaxed atmosphere and just about every sort you can imagine taking part from the serious 17 minuters to the ones running with kids or dogs.

All sizes, shapes, speeds and ages.

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Hi Stacey

I'm going to be doing Parkrun at my local park when I finish this programme too (I'm about to start week 4) as I think it'll be a good transition from treadmill to outside.

Really looking forward to it :)

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Hi Stacey,

I finished C25K back in October last year and go to Brueton parkrun about once a month. They're a great crowd and you don't need to worry about your time - there are a few people who walk the course. One 80-year old chap walks it and does it in about 47 mins. When I did it the first time I was worried I'd be last, but I wasn't and since then my times have improved. When you fancy coming along let me know and I'll meet up with you if you want! (You will need to register before your first run to get a barcode, so that you will get an official time at the end of your run).

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I like the idea of the Parkrun, but wish there was something nearer ! Still, I'm only just done W2R1 so will worry about that later.

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My plan is do to a Parkrun too once I've completed the programme....only a few weeks to go and then will have to find out where my nearest one is.

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Caz9Graduate in reply to AliB1

Go to parkrun.com/events/uk to find out.

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It's a great idea, unfortunately there's nothing nearby:( Hope the rest of your runs go smoothly, I'm starting week 9 tomorrow GULP!!! x

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Caz9Graduate in reply to PatButcher

I'm not sure how you get a parkrun set up, but it's run by volunteers with, in our case, some help from the Council. There may be something on the parkrun website which might tell you how to get one up and running in your area.

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I think I will wait until I get to maybe week four or five before I decide on anything but luckily Brueton park is only five minutes drive so I'd like to have a go. Caz keep in touch and I'll keep you posted. Pat, it's great to see that you're alive and well and good luck with week 9! : )

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PatButcherGraduate in reply to StaceInspire

Thanks Stacie, Dreading today, first run of week 9 :( x

Thanks for the tip on Parkrun- they do one within walking distance of my house on Saturday mornings! I'm def up for that once I finish the programme!

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I did the park run at Cannonhill - all good fun - quite flat and a good atmosphere. if you think you can run 5k then just go for it - its a very relaxed thing - no ceremonies and no problem with taking it slow if you have to.

I've only done it once though as its a bit of a trek to get there. You'd think in a city the size of Birmingham and the West Midlands area we'd have more than 2 locations with park runs.

the things I took away from my park run are a) competition makes me run faster - the 5k on that day is still one of the fastest times I've run 5k. b) its really a morale boost to finish in the top half - but would it be a problem to finish in the bottom half? c) there are kids and older folk much much faster than me. There is a certain amount of natural aptitude in this running lark. I think.

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Random1984Graduate in reply to Random1984

Actually there are 3 local park runs - 2 in Brum and 1 in Coventry.

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Stacey - Let me know when you're ready!

Random - I've done about 6 parkruns now and I find at Brueton it's only amongst the elite athletes (who finish in under 20 mins) that there is any competition. For the rest of us the main thing is to get round and if we can improve on our time from a previous run then great. We not really competing against each other, just against ourself, trying to better our times. There is a lot of camaraderie and sometimes you will find yourself running along side somebody and that spurs both of you on. I do find that I run faster at parkrun, but that's probably because I've got someone to pace with, whereas I normally run by myself so tend to be a bit slower.

And yes, unless you're a fast runner, there will be kids and older folk who are faster than you - there is at Brueton - but that doesn't bother me, the kids have got bags more energy and the older folk have probably been running far longer than me!! My aim is to get round and to get another PB.

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