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First morning run

I woke up at 5.40am needing the toilet (sorry tmi!!) and decided that I would get up and go for my run. I knew it would be too hot later so wanted to get it done.

I had a quick drink of water and a little fromage frais and set off at 5.55am, unable to believe what I was actually doing!

I ran for 4.2k and thoroughly enjoyed it. My legs didn't really get tired, whether this was because I hadn't been working all day before my run I don't know, but I will definitely run in the morning again. I would recommend it!

Happy running everyone - enjoy this lovely sunshine :-)

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I always loved running very early in the morning. Just so many reasons to run then....legs fresh, air fresh (and cool), and it gets the most important thing you're going to do all day done.


I was out at this time too! I had exactly the same thought, get it done before it gets too hot! It was lovely wasn't it?


We went for our first seriously early run today as we got too hot on Tues evening. We went out at about 6.30 and it was so nice to have empty streets to run on and for it to be cool. And I am quite excited about the prospect of going home and having a free evening with no exercising to do!


Im going out early tomorrow morning as well! Not sure about 5.15am but we will see! I cant run in this heat and in only on 3rd run of week 1 so dont want to put it off! Good job im a morning person !


I always run first thing in the morning for many reasons but one is quieter roads. I'm asthmatic and prefer to get going before the traffic builds up and the exhaust fumes along with it. Also makes crossing the roads easier too.


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