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First Park Run :-)

I did my first Park Run today (at Coventry). It was a very friendly, welcoming event.

The course was mostly flat and all on Tarmac. The majority of runners were not listening to music so I didn't.

There were all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. Some people were pushing buggies.

At the start most people were standing for 5 minutes or more - I decided to do my warm up of a brisk walk near by and only joined the runners once the run started.

As you'd expect, the start was quite crowded but everyone was polite and patient. It took me a while to get into a steady pace with so many people around me. After a few minutes, it became less crowded so I could run at my pace. I was surprised at the number of people walking after 5 minutes - it really is for everyone!

I found it much easier to run without music (and Laura) than on my first silent run a couple of days ago. It felt different running with people and having support on the way around.

I did my fastest 5K ever (under 30 minutes) although the official time will be more as it took me a while to cross the start line. I was really pleased - a much better time than I expected.

For anyone who can run 5K I would recommend a Park Run - don't be shy! I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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That's a great post! Glad your park run went so well, so will you be back next week?


I hope so!


Oh, you make it sound tempting. Fantastic you have given it a go and what a great time. Just trying to equal my trotmill time outside then I will be there at the Guildford one. I looked at the times from their last parkrun and it seems to confirm what you have said about all standards, very varying times from extremely quick to more 'relaxed', so no pressure (apart from self-imposed).

Great news and congratulations JB2!


That sounds fab! I often wondered if here was a warm up time, am I right in thinking you have to make your own warm up? I can't wait until I can do my first Parkrun too, when I get back to UK.


Yep, you make your own warm up. I just did my Laura fast walk around the start area 5 minutes before the scheduled start time while most people were standing around waiting for the off.


Just got my official result - it was less than 30 minutes so I'm chuffed with that.


Well done JBT, sounds like you had a great run, and a sub 30, fantastic! I love parkrun, it really is there for everyone. Glad you enjoyed it x :-)


Woo hoo, sub 30, really well done!

And you live in the same vicinity as me, assuming that is your local parkrun :)


Well done you, that has well and truly cheered me up for today! What a great achievement, excellent time as well :-) your running buddies are well proud of you.


Brilliant. Well done on the first Park Run and your times! It sounds as if you really enjoyed it too. Whey hey!


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