First park run!

First park run!

My plan today was to run for 25 minutes around the lovely Fountains Abbey (pic below) and walk the rest. Having never run here I didn't realise there would be a few inclines so ended up bringing my pace down to a short walk at about 9 minutes. I had to do this 4 or 5 times after that so I can't really class this as W7R3 which I will now do Monday instead after a day's rest! 

My time for the 5k was 35m50s so not too bad just wish I could've got up those hills! It was a lovely morning though and I would like to say I enjoyed running with my son and hubby again but they left me at the start line! 

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  • What a wonderful place to run. Your 5k time was remarkably good for someone who had several walk breaks. You'll do w7 easily if you slow down a wee bit. 😀

  • I found it hard to get my pace with lots of other people and hills to contend with. I'm looking forward to my nice flat route on Monday. I plan on doing it very slowly after today! :) 

  • Excellent stuff, I've also just posted about my first park run. I found the atmosphere great and it really helped me along. It was much easier than running alone. The route for me was flatter than I have around where I live so that was a bonus. Your route looks like a great place to have an organised run. I have visited Fountains Abbey but many years ago. Good luck with the rest of your programme, you are going to graduate with flying colours!

  • Thank you. I'm looking forward to my flatter route on Monday!

  • Well done on your 1st parkrun , good time too , espec with walk breaks, you will soon have that time tumbling ☺

  • Thank you :)

  • Fantastic time for your parkrun, well done! x :-)

  • Thank you :) 

  • Well done..but take it slow and steady..( that is just me).. you are doing fine. 

    What a beautiful place that is.I have only been there once. You are going to graduate wonderfully! :)

  • I'm going to take it slower next time so I can hopefully beat those pesky hills!   It is really beautiful, my favourite part of the run was running over the bridge over the water garden :) 

  • That's a good time for a hilly parkrun, well done. I have to say mine is hilly too and in 34 runs I have only managed to not walk twice. Those two times were also my slowest ! Sometimes a walk break is just the thing to zizz you along.

  • There was a lady who finished the same time as me and she said it was the first time she had made it around without was also her slowest time. I find it hard to get a good pace going when there's hills involved! :) 

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