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First Morning Run Tomorrow!!


Ok! So... for accountability sake, I am posting this!

I am going to attempt to do my Week 3 Run 2 tomorrow... in the morning!! It's around 90 degrees (Fahrenheit) here in the early evening when I have been running, and this morning my thermometer showed 70 degrees (Fahrenheit) at 7:00! I feel like I have to put that i'm from the US every time I post due to different time zones, lingo, temperatures, etc...

Now.. if I could actually run at 7:00 that would be wonderful, but I will be waking up around 4:45 to get this done so I can get back, shower, get ready for work, etc...

So.. be looking for the SUCCESS post in the morning!!! ;)

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Good luck vlmiller1225!

This post reminds me of the times I had to get up to do my horses before work. The sunrises were so worth it, but it used to hit me at about 4.30 in the afternoons!

Make sure you go to bed early! Willlook out for your success post!

vlmiller1225Graduate in reply to Mimirossi

I get off work at 4:30 so that wouldn't be too horrible!!!

Thank You!

Wow, an early start, but it will be worth it.


Well done you!! I'm in Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands at the moment and the temperature here is much the same 😎 makes exercising certainly different 🙈

vlmiller1225Graduate in reply to Hidden

Haha we can save the well done until AFTER I complete it!!! 😀

Hidden in reply to vlmiller1225

Looking forward to your post good luck 🍀

I was in California for 3 weeks working this summer and used to run at 5.15am so that I could do it before work and before it got too hot.

It's a great time to run as it's so quiet and you also get to see your neighbourhood totally differently.

You'll love it!

Run 2 mornings a week at 7 before going to work. Then 1 Run per week at 7 pm with the c25k group. Preferring the morning runs to be honest as not tired from a long day at work. Hope you get on ok, we don’t have the heat at this time of year, but the mornings at the park are beautiful. Enjoy x


Good luck! I have my week3 run3 tomorrow and can't wait to see how I do!

vlmiller1225Graduate in reply to Newrunnerliz

Good luck! I'm sure you will do great! Can't wait to hear!

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