Couch to 5K

It got dark quickly I got spooked so wasn't going to stop running was I!

Hehe one way to make me run. It was so hot I didn't go until after 9 pm. I went a route I use regularly and it is mostly open paths but there is a part that is quite wooded. Just as I got to the wooded part a man came round the corner and he was in dark clothing and made me jump, I had just started the second 8 minute run. Last time I did this run I didn't make it but this time I shot through, must have been the adrenalin that kept me going. Got to face that 20 minute run again now.

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Well done ! You probably made him jump too.

Good luck with the 20 mins.


Well done to you, I would have been spooked too, im sure you will be fine doing the 20 min run, Laura helps you get through it. :) :) it is tough but look what we have achieved so far


Well done! Onwards and upwards! Good luck with R3 :)


That would have frightened the life out of me! The 20 minutes is less bad than it sounds - go for it!


Will do guys, felt quite good about last nights run. strong and reasonable pace, probably fear induced but i now feel positive i can do.

will keep you posted. Have a good day x


That spooking sounds safer than my plan of a rabid dog chasing be to increase my speed ;)

Well done you


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