It was all going so well :(

So I started WK6 R1 yesterday - didn't seem as good as the 20min run, but took it slow and steady although me knee twinged a bit. Knee clicked when I got home, ached all night and couldn't get comfy. I've got a limp and its a bit swollen and sore this evening.  Awwwwwww so fed up - is this the end? I'll rest up but feel so deflated and worried. I really want to do this and have been so careful and loved it up until now. 


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8 Replies

  • Oh no! I say rest it completely until it is better, hopefully it will recover quickly.

  • Barring onset of gangrene and ensuing amputation with a rusty saw by a rum-soaked ships' doctor, it should get better in a couple of days at which point you will be able to run again.

    Have a read of my earlier post "Running, injury and adaptation".

  • Aha you made me smile! Thanks, will have a read :)

  • Hope it feels better soon! This is my fear too, I have always had dodgy knees. I had a complete reconstruction of my left knee 30 years ago and the right one was always a bit overworked from limping for the first 22 years of my life. All is going well at the moment (W4R2 done last night) but I do worry that may change at any moment. Be kind to yourself and allow it to heal. I look forward to you posting about your amazing recovery and Graduation!

  • Aw thanks :)  Its pathetic I know, but the highs and lows of every run seem so intense don't they?! I thought my C25K journey was proper scuppered. I hobbled about in plaster and a Beckham boot a couple of years ago for 4 months and the quads are still noticeable weaker. I thought running would strengthen, but seem like some squats and the like are in order when ready. Looks like we'll be starting w6 together at this rate :)

  • Bet you'll still beat me to it! Take care x

  • Frustrating as it is , and I do now just how frustrating it is, rest until it is better. If it means a couple of weeks off, try not to get too discouraged, you will find your way back in. When your knee is alright again and not hurting at all, do some exercises to strengthen the knee and squats to strengthen your quads (muscles on front of your thighs). Unfortunately it seems running doesn't really do this but seems to work the hamstrings more (muscles at the back of your thighs). If your quads are srong, it will help you avoid injury in future. The knee pain could have different causes, if it persists go and get a professional opinion. A physio will find the cause for you and it may not be a big deal to fix it. That would be better than running and always worrying about your knee. I run with patella knee straps (from amazon). You wrap them around the leg just under the knee cap and stick them down with Velcro. I haven't had a knee problem since but I also only run on soft ground now. It took my knees two weeks to recover doing special stretches every day at least once.

  • Thanks for the advice. Yes I think I need to do some strengthening. I've bathed in volatrol gel and it seems a little easier today (less swollen too) - so hopefully won't fall off!  I'll give it time meanwhile and respect its 51 years!  :)

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