It was all going so well!

Hi all, would like to first say what a great forum, lots of encouragement and inspiration was just what I needed to make a start and get running. As someone in there mid 40's who hasn't exercised for a long time it hasn't been easy but have surprised myself in how much I am enjoying it, without the C25K program and Laura's podcasts I might not have started at all. Did week 3 run 1 yesterday morning felt great that I got through it but it has left me with a sore knee! I'm gutted as I don't think its muscle do I run or do I rest? I don't want to have to quit now as I feel I have just started.


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  • Rest rest rest!!! I have a weak knee, which is manageable as long as I sit out for a few days as soon as I feel anything's up with it. It's getting stronger though. I run with a knee strap which takes the pressure off and allows it to build up strength slowly. Have a couple of days rest, then maybe you should try a gentle run with a strap?

  • Yes that makes sense I am tempted to get out again but think I will wait until it starts to feel better, will also look into getting a knee strap. Thank you for the advice.

  • Ice is a wonderful aid to recovery, and so is ibuprofen gel when used as per instruction, helps speed up recovery and get you back out running. I'm about to head out on wk3 run2 tomorrow, good luck with the knee - depending on where you're knee pain is I find a patella strap helps with the knee cap tracking.

  • Again good advice, Thank you! I think I do need to look into some sort of support or strap. Unfortunately I'm several runs behind were I want to be now but the knee is getting better slowly. Hope your wk3 runs have gone well.

  • I'm behind too, I think it's important not to over do it, listen to you're body, better to finish late than not at all. I'm just psyching myself for week 4:2, was really worried about the step up to week 4 but it was fine. Keep up the good work and hope your knee improves.

    I did find some knee strengthening exercises on YouTube which help, you can do them whilst watching the telly and as your muscles strengthen they will help support your knee better.

  • The exercises sound useful I would be interested in seeing them, I think I need to build my knee back up slowly rather than make it worse. I am going to try some light cycling and stretching and work up to a run. On your week 4 runs you must be doing really well, sounds like you are making real progress.

  • Hi frany, here's a link to the video, she does waffle a bit but the exercises are good

    Runs are going well so far, did have to take time out for sore shins - but back on track at the moment. Hope you have speedy recovery.

  • Thanks for the link I will give these a try, starting to feel like I have turned a corner now as my knee is feeling much better but it has been over 2 weeks now since my last run! I am going to aim to get a run in before the end of next weekend, fingers crossed.... Glad to hear you are back on track that's good news.

  • Do you do post run stretches? The ones on the NHS Choices site are a good basic set and I swear by them. There are also knee strengthening exercise there as well. Rest is always advisable if frustrating, but worth it in the long term.

  • No I have never stretched, but I have the Strength and Flex podcast now so I will definitely give them a look and aim to make them part of my plan. Just read your park run post, fantastic congratulations!

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