It wasn't me, it was the SHOES!

It wasn't me, it was the SHOES!

It was actually snowing here this morning when I got up, I threw my kit on quickly but it had stopped by the time I was ready, a shame because I thought it would have been fun! Never mind, I did my 7.2, in fact I did 7.4 because it was too cold to stop!. If you take off my warm up/down and time at traffic lights, I make it 1 hour 1 minute! I'm delighted with that! I paced myself as I wasn't quite sure how far it would be if you know what I mean, I've only done 7K once before and it took me 1HR 7 Mins so nearly 1 min faster per KM. Happy Curly!

My new shoes were fab, I felt it was them running and just carrying me along! My old shoes have been giving me knee pain for a few weeks. I've also struggled since I had the lurgy in November, couldn't shake off the cough. I saw the nurse practitioner on Thursday because I felt my asthma inhalers weren't working any more, she told me to quadruple my dose of the preventative and use the blue up to 10 times a day if I felt wheezy. I didn't know I could do that, what a difference! A bit of Ibruprofen on my knees and off I went!

I still had something in the tank at the end, so finished on a bit of a sprint. In fact I didn't want to stop, but made myself be sensible, I've heard so many stories of injuries here. Two staff members in different shops told me that to step up to 7.2K from 5K was too much, so I took it gently.

It really felt like it all came together today, I wanna go again!


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  • Sometimes, when you feel in the right shape, you just have to go with it.

    Great run, well done!

  • Sometimes, when you feel in the right shape, you just have to go with it.

    Great run, well done!

  • Good stuff Curly!!!! The Ibufren might not work on your knees while you're running. It's meant to be put on when your muscles are at rest, I believe from what a pharmacist told me when I put my back out

    I think the step up is quite a bit steep but as long as you went steadily I should think it would be ok. The test will be later. Your body will let you know if it was too much

    I'm glad the new shoes were comfy! I love my Brooks trail shoes. They seem really supportive and I don't even notice I'm wearing them. They seem to fit really well around the ankle

    It seems your planning paid off! Planning can be fun can't it. Well, I think it can. When I don't plan that's when it all goes to pot and I get all fractious. My planning is terrible mind you but I am trying to improve

    Enjoy your rest day Curly and you can spend a happy afternoon planning your next adventure

  • I love the planning bit! I was so excited about my run when I got up yesterday! I will be in Porto for a few days this week, thinkong carefully about whether to take my gear, and looking at maps and planning routes! The knee is getting better quickly, I'm fairly sure it was the old shoes.

  • YAAAAAY well done Curly :D excellent run , you are edging in front of me now :D 7.4K and a new best time :d very pleased for you and your obviously wonderful new shoes :D way to go !!

  • Thank you! How far have you run? Not much less I bet...

  • i am at 6.5k ish, aiming for 7k on tuesday not worrying about time for now infact the longer it takes me the better for now, i need to increase my stamina and endurance :D

  • Sounds like an amazing morning congratulations

  • Well done - glad you didn't get snowed on ... brrrrr! I did a stationary work out in the garage this morning, and it was bluepencil cold out there!

  • That is marvelous and I was thinking of you running through Cambridge while I did 5k on the treadmill this morrning. Good on ya x

  • How's your training going?

  • It has taken a back seat this past week. I have been feeling rotten (just a heavy cold etc). Back at it now. I am attempting some hill work this week, so that should be fun ;)

  • Hills? Rather you than me! I hate 'em! I should though really, it's only 8 weeks now until I'm back in France where there is nothing flat! The opposite of Cambridge! Do you have a plan for hills, or do you just run up them as you find them?

  • Brilliant CG. You sound chuffed to bits and so you should be. I'm sure it wasn't all due to the shoes though!

  • Amazing ! Well done you and glad the new shoes behaved themselves. There's no stopping you now.

  • Fantastic! And a great PB too :D

  • Very impressive sounds like you were really in the zone with your running this morning.

  • well done on great run isnt it great when it comes together happy running curly gurly

  • well done xx

  • Well done, curly!

  • Wow that's fabulous Curly, well done you!!!

  • Woo Hoo ! Well done Curly, fab stuff ! Youre on fire Missus ! :-) xxx

  • That's brilliant, well done Curly.

    And what a distance - I still aspire to that.. think my longest is 5.37k.. I'm sure I'll make it to 5.5, then 6 hopefully by spring time (ah, remember spring..)

    Hope you've enjoyed the rest of the day with your feet up. I did an extra cheeky little run this morning and haven't done much else since!

  • Brilliant stuff Curly, really brilliant. :)

  • Jack Daniels says that it takes a few weeks of doing a new "task" for the body to "acclimatise" itself to that new task - hence his training plans are split up into 4 week "segments" which increase in intensity/length every 4 weeks.

    As there is no hurry for you to get to a longer length of run, why not do a few runs ( one each week) of your increased length - you have already done 7.2 K twice so do it another time before moving on to (say) 8K and do that three times ( one per week) before moving past that ??.

  • That's almost certainly what I'll do. I've been following a 10K plan which had me doing 3 x 4.8K last week, this week was meant to be 2 x 7.2K and 1 x 4.8K, and I think that's too much. Plus I missed a couple of runs bwecause of my shoes being worn out and giving me pain, and I shall be away for a few days this week. I haven't decided if I will take my running gear or not, sometimes reining back a little can give renewed energy.

  • Go go go !! Well done missus!

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