Couch to 5K

W1R2 - take 2

Before I start, can I just say a quick thank you to everyone who responded to my last post. The comments were very encouraging and kept my motivation and determination to see this through!

Well, I purchased a pair of running shoes, replanned my route to stay on the flat and decided to control my running pace to keep it at a moderate level. Today came and from midday onwards doubt started to pop into my head about it being a bit "too hot" and maybe I should wait for it to be cooler....

After putting the kids to bed I put on my running gear and headed down to the shore to do my run. When I actually started I thought it was easier than I had remembered, working my way through each running phase and actually feeling pretty good for the whole minute (well at least until the last 2 runs when my legs felt tired).

After I had completed the session felt really good and chuffed with myself. Remembered to do some warm down stretches and my legs are even feeling alright at the moment.

Just one more W1 run to do before moving onto W2. Cannot believe how motivated I feel at the moment!

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Woohoo! Well done! We are on the same run then - I do my Wk1 Run 3 on Friday! Good luck and Keep going!


yea well done.keep at it.


Well done for keeping it up!

I am jealous of your seaside though. :)

I'm only in week two, but I just keep plodding away and am blissfully assuming it's all going to be fine. :-p


Hey it WILL all be fine....:P


Ha ha ha... I shall take your word for it!


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